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Plastic Surgery for Men Gains Popularity in a ‘Man's world'

Who would have thought that we would see the day that plastic surgery for men would be increasing in popularity. The procedure has become more popular amongst males since the turn of the century and although boys will be boys, men are now more open to undertaking body enhancement procedures to achieve the physical look that they are after.


Why on Earth would any man want to get plastic surgery?

Traditionally, a man talking about beauty enhancements was a taboo. However, as society is becoming more open, men are continuing to show interest in procedures that will help them to achieve their looks. As a man, the first thing that will spring to mind is that this is a procedure that is for women and is most associated with breast enhancement. However, plastic surgery isn't just limited to breasts or female body alterations. Plastic surgery has expanded to encompass a wide range of procedures; where men are also undergo procedures to enhance their physical look and to further boost their confidence.

The plastic surgery industry has come a long way as the industry is now seeing an increasing number of men turning to plastic surgery to "iron out" the odd bump, flab, rolls or imperfections. Whether we like to admit it or not, men actually like change. When it comes to physique and confidence, the majority of men want to achieve:

  • The cover model look
  • The bloke look
  • The rugby player look
  • The sculpted ‘Greek God' physique look


What Are Some Common Surgery Options Available to Men?

There are a few options available for men to enhance their looks. Check out the list of popular male cosmetic treatments here and the options below.


Implant procedures

Implants are a popular procedure to give you a more defined sculpted look. For men who are looking to enhance their physical presence, they are seeking implants as an option as the amount of effort, time and body type limitations make it difficult to achieve the desired physique that they are aiming to get.

You can get implants all over your body, from your calves to your glutes, pectorals and abdominals. These implants are growing in popularity as they provide the illusion of toned muscle without having to exercise.

The implants are surgically placed under the skin of the patient. The expected recovery time is around two to three weeks after the surgery.


The reduction of man boobs (otherwise known as ‘moobs')

Man boobs can really damage a man's confidence. Quite a lot of men are embarrassed to acknowledge that they do have an issue with man boobs and removing them from the physique. Men have the option to undergo gynecomastia surgery, which is a breast reduction surgery for men whereby the fat and excess skin is removed. Recovery from this surgery will usually take around 2 weeks.


The gut on a man is a real confidence drainer. Liposuction can eradicate that beer belly and love handles that have slowly snuck up on you over the years. Losing that excess flab around your mid-section can give you the confidence to go to the beach or swimming without a shirt. The recovery time for liposuction can range from one to three weeks.

Nose jobs

Rhinoplasty surgery (or a nose job as it is colloquially known) is appealing to tweak the look of your nose to make it look more appealing. Rhinoplasty requires work to the bone and cartilage to reshape the nose into the desired shape.



Botox is quickly becoming a popular way to smooth out those wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance. Botox involves several small injections into the face; which relax the muscles; which will eradicate the wrinkles. Botox is not permanent, so you will need to maintain regular treatments every couple of months.

So if you are thinking of getting some work done be sure of what you want done and what you want to achieve from the surgery. Like anything, be armed with the facts and have a clear idea of what you expect. Make an enquiry to find a qualified and skilled clinic that can get you the results that you are after.

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