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Package Your Promo Product to Get More Boom for Your Buck

eqrfrfqModern society has never been more overstimulated than it is today. While technology has brought us so many wonderful things, it has also taken us into a world where we are permanently connected to each other, for better or worse. Because of this, the amount of noise every single person is required to filter out each day becomes greater and greater, just in an attempt to function.

What this means for businesses that rely on marketing is that traditional methods no longer work the way they used to. The crowd you need to stand out in is bigger, and everyone in it is already standing on their tip-toes. One classic method in particular - promotional products - has fallen victim to societal overload. The idea behind these items was that by putting a logo on something small you use frequently, people will be more likely to use that business when they need a product or service in their industry, simply from the awareness the promo product’s presence created. Today, there are enough promo products to fill your house it seems. Your company won’t be remembered when it’s only one of 500 in someone’s home.

This means companies need to go to a new level to separate their products from the chaff. If it isn’t the product that is remarkable anymore, the way it is presented can be! This means the product’s packaging. The idea is that if something is useful and special enough to deserve its own “place” (packaging), it’s deserving of a spot in the home, rather than just getting tossed out. This may be unique or colorful packaging, or custom-padding in a unique box for more fragile items. Product packaging is the next step in the world of promotional materials, so if you want to be a head above the rest, keep in mind HOW you offer products, not just WHAT you offer.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source of custom-cutting for foam packaging, including foam inserts for promotional items, as well as standard foam packaging sets for shipping and storage.

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