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Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Christmas

The holiday season is here and Christmas is almost reaching us. Christmas celebrations seem incomplete without the right home décor. The Christmas spirit is in the air and is evident in the numerous decorations adorning the shop windows and the light mood that people seem to be in.

As much importance interior decorations hold for Christmas, decorating the outdoor is equally significant. If you look carefully, the outdoor has a number of spaces that provide enormous scope for decoration. And the right ideas can make them look very inviting.

While decorating the outdoors, you need to keep in mind that the displays you put up should complement your interior décor. When it comes to Christmas decoration, it is quite easy to overdo it. Therefore, in this article, we have discussed a few classy Christmas decoration ideas that you can implement for the outdoor.

Decorating the Front Door

Decorating the Front Door

The front door decoration has its own charm. A framing garland and a wreath go hand in hand when it comes to decorating the front door for Christmas. You can never go wrong with these. Instead of going the traditional way, you can also consider sprucing up the conventional wreath by going creative. Here are a few ideas that you can employ.

Apart from this, you can also add a few do-it-yourself decorations to your front door. For example, door hangings would be great options. You can glue ribbons to pine cones. When you have a bundle, you can tie up the other ends of the ribbons together and hang the thing on your front door. Another idea would be hanging an inverted Santa hat filled with Christmas goodies.

Decorating the Patio

Decorating the Patio

Outdoor Christmas decoration is incomplete without the patio displays. Lanterns are great ideas and do not cost much. You can hang them at your patio or place them in the corners to add a hint of glow to your décor. You can decorate the top of the candles with ribbons and a few Christmas ornaments.

Candles could be wonderful options to bring into use. You can layer a wide glass with faux snow, place some strawberries or cranberries on it and then place a candle in it. Put such glasses on the tables or even the stairs to make your patio look more elegant.

You can wrap some empty boxes in decorative paper, tie them up with ribbons and place them on top of the patio storage furnishings. A few pine cones placed along with the boxes would give off an earthy feeling. A few stray garlands would add to the charm as well.

Another beautiful, but inexpensive way to add cheer to your porch is by placing pots with pine cones, pine branches, ribbons and red ornaments. Apart from these, a decorated Christmas tree on the patio would add to the festive mood magnificently.

Decorating the Window Sill

Decorating the Window Sill

While decorating the outdoors for Christmas, we tend to forget about the window boxes completely. But did you know that they could be wonderful decorating opportunities? We have a few window box decorating tips that you can use.

A touch of greenery is always a beauty when it comes to window boxes. You could pick up a few medium-sized pots of green shrubs to place on your window sill. Poinsettias work really well with the Christmas spirit. You can build your own potted decorations. All you would need are pots, some gravel, pine branches and some branches containing rose hips to add a red accent. Place gravel in a pot so that it is a little more than a half-full. Now insert the ends of pine branches into it with the branches of rose hips breaking the monotony. Place the tall branches in the middle and the shorter ones towards the rim of the pots. Insert additional branches to make the pots look overflowing with greenery.

Lights could be a great addition to the window boxes. You can consider using rope lights or Christmas bulbs to usher in the festivities. You can add red and light green bows to your window box as well.

There could be a variety of ways to decorate the outdoor for Christmas. You can choose what works best for your house and start decorating. Merry Christmas to you!

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