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Old Mattresses If Not Changed Can Cause Health Problems and Allergies

reqgqMost of the people suffer from allergies and sleep issues, which may be due to the mattress they sleep in. They are unaware and experience night wheezing, coughing, breathing problems and sickness. Basically, mattresses need to be replaced within 7 to 8 years. If you are suffering from such issues then consider the age of your mattress and replace it.

Another issue is cleanliness and maintenance of the mattress, Vacuum cleaner needs to be used to clean the mattress at regular intervals, to eliminate dust getting settled deep inside. You can also hire professional services to clean the mattresses. They are equipped with washing equipment and detergents that are suitable to wash foam material and leave it to dry for a few hours. You get a fresh and sanitized mattress in several hours.

A mattress is affecting your health

Sleeping in an old mattress makes the sleeper toss and turn around the whole night due to discomfort. Inappropriate sleep can affect your overall mental and physical health.

Few tips to increase the life expectancy of the mattress

  • Do not eat or drink while using the mattress.
  • Do not let kids jump into the mattresses.
  • You must also rotate your mattresses and flip them from side to side to enhance their durability.
  • Always place your mattress on a bed frame, to prevent it from sagging.

Cleaning mattresses is essential

It is a known fact that we spend one third of our life on the mattress. Dust, mites, body fluids, body oil can stain a mattress and spoil the health of a person.

  • Dust mites and bugs are microscopic in nature.
  • You cannot see them with your naked eyes.
  • There are many bug sprays available to keep the mattress bug free.
  • When you see yourself scratching or wheezing when you sleep on a mattress, change it.
  • Regularly cleaning mattresses can eliminate these problems.
  • People with respiratory problems must be careful in choosing a mattress.
  • They must avoid sleeping on a coil or cotton mattress as it catches dust and germs.
  • Use bed covers that are allergen-proof.
  • Using bed covers and protectors also prevents stains from reaching the mattress.
  • Protective bed covers prevent wear and tear of the mattress.
  • Wash the bedding, pillow covers, and bed sheets regularly.
  • Using a good mattress can prevent back pain and joint pains.

Sleeping position can cause pain

You could choose the right mattress for sleeping. If your sleeping position is not right, it can cause health ailments like, back pain, stomach, and liver problems. Sleeping in a fetus position can cause discomfort to the stomach and does not help your immunity system. The pillows that you use can also cause discomfort to the neck and spine.

When you place the pillows in the right position, the head, neck, and spine are properly aligned while sleeping. Latex mattresses are made using synthetic rubber and can accommodate a body of any weight and shape.

Features of different mattresses

Do not choose a mattress that is too firm or too soft. Choose a mattress that is medium firm. This is the most ideal feature of mattress that provides comfort to the entire body. Memory foam is considered to be the most ideal mattress for everyone.

It properly aligns the body and provides comfort. You can relieve your stress from a hard day’s work when you sleep on a comfortable mattress. For more information about choosing the right mattress you can explore mattress-inquirer.com. A memory foam mattress is made with many layers of foam and can absorb the temperature of the body.


Mattress buying can be a stressful option. Change a mattress every 5 to 8 years to ensure a good sleep that will help you wake up replenished.

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