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Office Products That Relieve Stress

office-womanNearly every expert agrees that work-related stress has steadily increased over the years despite technological advances. Stress is often caused by emotional or physical discomfort, and there are ways for properly educated company managers to help employees cope with the stress that inevitably presents itself at work. Here are some ways to begin knocking out work-related stress through physical and mental paths.

Macro Ergonomics 101

Companies that are serious about providing a comfortable environment that reduces stress get a professional ergonomic assessment performed on their work space. Ergonomic consultants like those at Mindful Motion Physical Therapy conduct initial assessments of employee work spaces to suggest postural changes, seat adjustments, and even lighting improvements that reduce eye strain.

The proper seating and accessories help employees improve posture and reduce the chances of injury or joint strain due to repetitive actions. It’s good for employees to take frequent breaks outdoors for exercise and the positive benefits sunlight has on one’s mood. When inadequate lighting affects a person’s mood, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is often the culprit. There are now special types of indoor lighting that effectively combat SAD.

Ergonomic consultants also help employees categorize their work items so that employees place things they use frequently within easy reach on their desks. The premise is that organized employees are less stressed and project less stress on others. The ergonomic initial assessment also results in enhanced employee productivity.

Using Mind Body Wellness To Conquer Stress

Although some technology advances have only added to the distractions of everyday living, technology has contributed to relieving stress in the office through a few smart inventions. For instance, experts agree that massage therapy is an effective way of relieving stress, and there are now multiple types of portable massage devices on the market that could be used in the workplace. The best models fit securely about the neck and apply adequate amounts of both pressure and heat to relax muscles in that area of the body.

Besides providing a workplace that is free of harassment, a caring employer promotes employee wellness to reduce stress. Providing hot water and some varieties of herbal teas are just some ways of helping the workforce remain calm. Herbal tisanes made using the following herbs are known to work best under pressure.

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Ginseng

In the digital era, it seems that many have forgotten the lost art of writing with pen and paper and the calming effect jotting down one’s thoughts often has. Writing out a to-do list or thoughts about a project inspires creative problem solving ideas that help reduce stress. Companies like Rustico leather sell quality leather journals that stylishly matches the professional atmosphere of most companies.

Soothing music remains a way to calm the nerves and maintain concentration. Since everyone’s musical tastes vary, ear plugs are must have office accessories for this type of stress buster. The Internet provides a bevy of streaming music services, with every imaginable genre. Classical and jazz music have, in particular, been shown to not only help with stress relief, but intellectual stimulation. A calm and productive employee is beneficial for all involved.

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