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New to using bongs? Don’t worry, here are 5 rookie mistakes to avoid!

If you are new to using bongs, you need to make sure that you follow our guide on how to set up the bong, how to smoke, and how to clean the bong properly. If you avoid the routine maintenance of bongs, you do not use the proper setup to smoke, or you are smoking too much as a beginner, this can cause an unwanted head high that will make you question if you want to smoke cannabis again.

Instead, avoid these rookie mistakes so you can have a safe and enjoyable smoking experience every time! Make sure you avoid over-smoking, taking too big hits, and smoking with people that you do not know or trust, as this can cause unsafe situations for you.

5 rookie mistakes to avoid when using bongs

Adding too much water

One of the main mistakes that rookies make when it comes to using bongs for the first time is adding too much water to the chamber. If you find that you are inhaling water when you put your mouth on the mouthpiece, this can cause burning water to enter your throat. Not only is this dangerous, but it will severely hamper your smoking experience. Ensure that when you fill the bottom portion with water, that you cover the downstem, but it is not too high in the bottom portion of the bong chamber.

Taking too big of a hit

The next rookie mistake to avoid when it comes out using bongs for the first time is to take too big of a hit. If you take a big hit for your first 3-4 puffs of the bong, you will find that you are immediately extremely high – this will lead to an unpleasant smoke experience. If you are a newbie, consider taking smaller hits and taking longer breaks between hits.

Not cleaning the bongs

The third rookie mistake to avoid is not cleaning the bong after use. If you are smoking with other people, you have smoked for an entire day, and you are not cleaning out the bong, this can lead to bacteria build-up and water residue.

Smoking the wrong flower

Make sure that when you are using bongs for the first time that you choose the right type of flower that you will enjoy. If you do not like indica, then do not fill the entire bowl with indica flower – choose something and you know you are going to like it!

Smoke with people you trust

The last tip for rookies is to only smoke with people you trust. If you are at a party and others want you to smoke with them, do not do so unless you know them and you know exactly what you have been putting in the bowl.


When using bonds as a newbie, there are a few rookie mistakes to avoid so you can have an enjoyable, fun, and exciting smoking experience! Make sure you follow these tips so you can enjoy a safe and fun cannabis experience.

If you have any questions, please ask below!