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Networking Services for the HR: Video Conferencing


The Human Resources department defines the quality that your company has and the objective for which your organisation is working.The department of the organisation that has recruited and trained nearly every employee is bound to have the best of the tools possible. Video conferencing is no longer an alien to the office culture and its induction into the HR department can improve performance to a great extent.

Video Interviewing


HR executives while screening a candidate can analyse much more in a face to face meeting rather than the telephonic conversations. Video conversation is not an untrodden idea. It has been already used extensively in different fields like military, client meetings, educational and seminars. Interviewing the candidates is another application that video calling fits perfectly.

It can enable the HR managers to conduct interviews and screening of candidates, thereby substituting the face to face in-person interactions.



Using the advanced methods for carrying out the HR operation can give your company the technical edge over your competitors. Impression and presentation are a key factor in the working of a Human Resources department of an organisation. Hence, it can be considered important the Human Resources department adopts to the advancement in technology for the purpose of channelizing an image that projects the idea of changing with the times.

Cost Control


The process of selection involves various steps. Once a job application is received, the first step is contacting the applicant and arranging for an interview. It is a rare incident that the location for the job interview is in the neighbourhood. Often candidates travel long distances to attend an interview. Travelling involves expenditure and time. It is possible that a candidate may refuse to travel to such a long distance and your company might end up losing a valuable asset. Video conferencing can eliminate the demand for such an expenditure by removing the need to be physically present in the interviewer's room.

Time-The ultimate Factor


Expenses can be bearable, the face to face conversations can be said to be necessity however the factor of time wastage can not be ignored for efficient operations.

  • Releasing the advertisement for opening
  • Notifying the world that you have a job for them
  • Calling the candidates for interviews
  • Interviewing them
  • Letting them know the process
  • Further questioning
  • Selection and training

All of these steps consume a great deal of your valuable time. Video conferencing can cut down your expenses and save a huge amount of time. Thereby, increasing the number of candidates that the Human Resources department can hire from.



Improvement in the working style of the Human resources can help achieve a higher level of productivity. The number of candidates that can be interviewed increases and thereby increasing the competition for the job. Therefore, you get to employ the best from the lot. You can broaden your search network and reach to the job seekers easily and quickly. Multinational firms have different HR departments and can consider using the technique to establish efficient communication between the different departments. Training manual can be prepared and the selected candidates can be trained via video tutorials managed by the Human Resources department.

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