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Natural Ways of Dealing with Ongoing Anxiety

relieving-stressTemporary feelings of anxiety are quite common. In moments when people may feel afraid, unsure or when their crush walks by, their body and mind may overreact. Nervousness, tension, and doubt may set in, but then the situation passes, and the person goes back to being their old confident self. However, for many other people, feelings of anxiety do not go away. Some 40 million adults in the U.S battle with ongoing inner turmoil so severe that it interferes with their normal way of life.

If this sounds anything like you, then you are far from being alone. Feelings of ongoing anxiety can cause you to withdraw from social situations and feel insecure and depressed. Physically, symptoms such as irregular breathing, excess sweating and heart palpitations can also be related to anxiety.

Conventional treatment for ongoing anxiety is usually taking synthetic drugs. However, while medication may be effective at calming the symptoms, it often does not cure the cause. For this reason, it is important to seek out natural ways of dealing with the cause of your anxiety issues.

Natural Ways of Dealing with Ongoing Anxiety:

  • Determine the cause: There is no one single cause of ongoing anxiety. In fact, there are many risk factors associated with the disorder including genetics, life events, pre-existing medical condition, use of synthetic medication, brain chemistry, and personality. TherapyTribe.com reports that nearly 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders each year. Seeking out anxiety counseling will help you to confront any latent disorders you may have been unknowingly dealing with for a while. Additionally, requesting a complete checkup from your doctor can determine if you are suffering from conditions such as endocrine disorders, fibromyalgia, IBS and any other condition that negatively affects the chemistry in the brain.
  • Eat better: Everything you put into your body can either enhance or degrade your physical and emotional wellbeing. Over processed foods that contain refined sugar, excess sodium, synthetic chemicals and zero nutrition can create an acidic internal environment that can cause anxiety symptoms to flare up. However, the opposite is true if you eat a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and omega 3’s. The properties contained in green tea, dark chocolate, coconut oil and lacto-fermented foods can help reduce good mood endorphins while also inspiring internal calm and alkalinity.
  • Grow your confidence: Low self-esteem is a sub-symptom of ongoing anxiety. The constant insecurity of your abilities can make you feel low, and your thoughts of self-hate can cause you to devalue yourself. However, low self-esteem can be eliminated once you learn to change your self-perception. Anxiety counseling can help with this, as well as positive self-talk, going past your comfort zone, accomplishing goals, fueling your passions and finding yourself spiritually.
  • Holistic treatments: Deep breathing exercises, meditation, massage, and acupuncture are often recommended as holistic treatments for dealing with anxiety. Additionally, aromatherapy with the aid of essential oils can inspire endorphins to be released. Lavender, vanilla, chamomile, peppermint, and rose are among the most popular anti-anxiety oils.
  • Be Zen-full: External and internal chaos can spur on feelings of stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is important that you make a continual effort to keep your home, office and your vehicle free of clutter and disorganization. Additionally, make attempts to clear your mind of stressful thoughts by meditating, praying and reciting positive affirmations.

Above all else, it is important to be patient with your attempts to naturally rid yourself of ongoing anxiety. Feeling confident, and "normal" won’t happen in a day, however, if you continue with your efforts to dealing with the cause, eventually you will be free from anxiety.

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