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Natural Remedies For a Relaxing Summer

It’s summer and if you’re looking for ways to stay cool, calm, and refreshed, you are in luck. You have a lot of natural options to help you soothe your nerves and boost your energy.

Sometimes, we get in a rut with what we drink. We reach for our ‘usual’ beverage, as if on automatic. This kind of autopilot thinking keeps us in a familiar comfort zone. However, it also can become a rut.

Nutrition experts often encourage people to try new things – and that includes beverages. Let’s take a look at the awesome array of choices to try when the weather heats up.

Natural Teas

Herbal teas are a resource for flavor, nutrition, and health benefits. While herbs have been used for centuries, you may not be entirely familiar with their specific benefits.

Some herbs have a property known as an ‘adaptogen.’ This means that the herb is very effective at reducing cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. If you’ve been curious about reducing your stress levels, check out the treasury of herbal teas. Herbs have been used for thousands of years.

Try out some of the most commonly available herbs.

  • Start with Chamomile tea to soothe nerves. This is well known for being relaxing and promoting deep, peaceful sleep.
  • Expand into Peppermint tea, a remedy known for soothing stress and minimizing digestive stress.
  • Explore the health benefits of flowers with Rose tea. Rose petals have a delicate flavor and a calming quality.

In addition to these natural teas for anxiety, you may want to continue exploring herbal remedies. Continue your journey, sampling teas such as Passionflower, Ashwagandha, and Turmeric.

Fresh Water

In the scorching summer heat, there’s one beverage that stands out above all. It’s water. Water helps you stay hydrated, cool, and healthy.

Start to make drinking water your home zone. Keep water in the refrigerator.

Plan for different ways to spruce up plain cold water. Find your favorites by adding slices of lemon, lime, or oranges for a fruity treat. Add slices of cucumber for a spa-like experience. Infuse water with sprigs of basil or mint, for an herbal flavor.

Cold Brew Coffee

As you look for more ways to maintain a healthy balance this summer, consider cold-brew coffee. Coffee has been used around the globe as a stimulant. The difference with cold-brew is that you prepare it with cold water and let it brew in the refrigerator for 24-48 hours.

Cold brew coffee is said to have less acidity and even probiotic benefits. It’s especially refreshing served over ice, on a hot day.

Cool, Calm, and Collected

As you’re striving to stay cool in blistering hot weather, look at where you’re spending your time – both internally and externally.

To keep your cool internally, focus on soothing thoughts and actions.

Many people find that certain thoughts repeatedly cause frustration, anxiety, and stress. Among the most stressful topics is financial stress. If you find that you’re struggling with money or have an emergency you aren’t sure how to handle, take a cool-headed approach.

Look for help that is available from reputable financial firms. You can do a quick Internet search for personal loans online. As you research your options, you may notice that your stress levels come down quickly. You do have choices, options, and a way to manage a business emergency or unexpected expense.

By taking time to deal with the cause of stress, you can gain a cooler perspective and peace of mind. As you move forward, you’ll have set payments to repay the loan in manageable installments.

Practice Self Care

To keep your cool externally, focus on soothing thoughts and actions that are within your sphere of influence.

Many people struggle with certain thoughts and actions because they are focusing on things they can’t control or change. Among the most stressful are unexpected weather, climate change, politics, and global economics. If you find that you’re struggling to change things that are outside of your realm of influence, take a level headed approach.

Look for areas that are completely in your control.

It may seem small, but even a few minutes for yourself can have a big impact. Have a cup or glass of refreshing herbal tea or cold-brew coffee. Take a long walk in the cool morning breeze. Spend time growing puttering in the garden.

A little ‘me-time is very soothing. Give it a try today.

Summing It Up

Here’s to a healthy summer— filled with cooling drinks and cooling self-care!

If you have any questions, please ask below!