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Most Functional Cosmetic Pouches for Women on the Move

Let’s be real, having your make-upmakeup products are a prized possession of any ladyon you , and we want them to be with us at all times is simply more convenient. Traveling is no exception, but taking your make-upmakeup can be a hassle if you don’t have an appropriate pouch or a bag. Stuffing make-upmakeup accessories in any random bag is certainly not an option, which is why we have compiled a list of the most trendy, yet handy list of pouches and bags that you can have in order to carry your make-upmakeup when on the move.

Monstina Makeup Bag

If you travel with a lot of beauty brushes, this Monstina case is perfect for you. It has three elastic brush slots, which may also be used to store eyeliner or brow pencils, as well as other smaller compartments for lip gloss and jewelry.

Euow Barrel Makeup Bag

Another choice for travel-size cosmetics and makeup brushes is this distinctive bag. Shaped like a barrel, it sits upright. When you’re finished, just tighten the top drawstring to create a lightweight pouch that’s ready to drop in your suitcase.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag

Charlotte Tilbury’s super cute purse is the ideal size for holding all of your basic makeup products and accessories you use on a regular basis. It makes it easy to find your products in a hurry, and you’ll have everything you need in one spot if you need to do your makeup on the run.

Coach Nylon Cosmetic Case

This Coach cosmetics case with a floral print is on the more economical end of the designer-bag scale. The tiny package is deceptively spacious, made of durable nylon with a multipurpose internal pocket, so don’t hesitate to add your beauty supplies to this little beauty.

Lay-n-Go Drawstring Makeup Bag

Lay-n-bag Go’s drawstring makeup bag unfolds flat, allowing you to access all of your makeup at once, and then instantly scrunches everything back up when you’re ready to go. Items won’t roll away thanks to its reinforced sides, and a zipper pocket is provided for the enhanced organization of your makeup and accessories.

Herschel Chapter Travel Kit

With this flexible beauty bag, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Should we brag about how affordable it is? Its ample size, which allows you to store lipsticks, concealers, brushes, and a palette or two while still leaving enough room for your phone and even keys? Maybe it’s the ultra-comfortable handle or the fact that it’s available in over 30 vibrant colors and patterns? This mini bag by Hershel is perfect for you to store your makeup and accessories when you’re on the go.

Béis the Cosmetics Case

Shay Mitchell’s travel and lifestyle business Béis created bags based on her personal organizing needs, and the Cosmetics Case is no exception. The boxy carry-all has a water-resistant liner that the maker refers to as fault-proof and the bag has ample space to carry a variety of products you might need. Each case also includes a mirror and a retractable brush pouch, as well as a variety of bright hues such as cheerful yellow, sky blue, and glowing magenta.

Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner

The interior of this medium-sized “planner” unfolds like a book to expose a well-organized interior with four brush slots, one huge elasticized pocket, and a separate zipped mesh compartment for stashing beauty supplies. But what’s the best feature? Fully functioning binder rings that can hold up to four Trish McEvoy pages, the customizable mini palettes from Trish McEvoy that can be stacked with any of its makeup pans.

Paravel Vanity Case

With its clean lines and a variety of color schemes, this clear-sided beauty organizer recalls us of our school days in some ways. It’s better suited for essences and brushes than pens and pencils now that we’ve entered maturity. Bring it on a weekend trip, and the transparent walls will let you keep track of what you’ve packed.

Printfresh Geode Velvet Pouch

The cracked velvet exterior of this slouchy, enormous purse is irresistible to the touch, but don’t worry: the artfully dip-dyed bag is lined with canvas, so spills aren’t a problem. The spacious interior can hold a lot of makeup, skin-care items, and beauty tools, and the bright gold and fluffy cotton tassel can also allow it to function as a beautiful, bohemian-inspired handbag.

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