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Money-Saving Commercial Window Tinting

windiws replacementHow Professional Window Film Installation Saves Your Business Money

Professionally installed window film provides comfort and protection for your business. No matter your commercial purposes, window tinting can be a big money-saving solution. Window tinting is proven to lower your energy consumption, helping you save on all of your energy bills.

Using Commercial window tinting is very cost-effective, as you don’t have to replace your existing windows to get real, money-saving benefits. According to the International Window Film Association (IWFA), the cost to have window film professionally installed is about 1/10th the cost of replacement windows.

Using window film on commercial buildings provides energy-saving solutions that start right away: some window tintings can show money savings in just three years! And there’s more than one way that window film creates big savings – you’ll be surprised how window tinting changes how your business saves money.

Window Tinting Provides Affordable Sun Control

Replacing your current commercial windows with brand new windows would be a much heftier price tag than window tinting, and new windows don’t always have the same sun control or sustainable energy-saving features that tinting does.

Different window tinting films provide a range of sun control. These films filter out UV rays, making this choice a healthy one for your skin and eye health. If you have a commercial building with employees who might be near windows often, protecting their health will likely be beneficial for your bottom line.

Window film’s sun control properties are not limited to sun damage. Window tint from a professional installation company allows natural light in while rejecting heat, saving you money on your overall cooling bill. In the same way, in the winter, window tinting helps a building retain heat as well.

Save Money by Protecting Your Interior

Since window film regulates UV rays, you’re also protecting the interior of your building. UV rays can deteriorate furniture and other materials, including flooring and surfaces.

Office chairs, desks, couches and other pieces of furniture are all impacted by UV rays and can experience discoloration over time. You’ll find it surprising how quickly these items change when they aren’t protected from harsh solar rays. Instead of replacing aging materials, using window film will save you money in the long run by prolonging the life of your interior.

Sustainable Window Tinting Saves Money

Window tinting does more than just filter light – it provides a real, environmentally sustainable impact. Utility companies often provide incentives to those who use window tinting, as it’s sustainable and saves energy overall. Window films, when professionally installed, reduce so much energy usage that windows can become carbon negative in as little as six months.

This level of sustainability doesn’t just lower your energy bill. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides tax credits for both commercial and residential properties that use window films because of their sustainable use. Window film can also be used for LEED certification credits when you make your commercial building green.

Window Tinting Provides Security and Safety

Window film comes in several different versions and series depending on your commercial needs. There are specific window tinting options for night vision and security purposes.

These films protect your business or building against burglaries and theft using tinting that makes it harder to see, without having to completely black out the windows. On top of this, the tear-resistant material provides added protection.

These protective measures are another money-saving perk of window tinting, saving you from having to replace stolen materials or replacing windows if a break-in were to occur.

Warranties Protect Your Window Tinting

When window film is professionally installed, warranties are included on both the installation and the film. So, if something were to happen to your film, these warranties will save you money in the long run.

These films are created to last for many years, depending on what type of windows you have and the tint that you choose. Ideally, you won’t have to worry about using your warranties, but on the off chance that you do, you won’t have to spend a ton of money.

Save Big with Commercial Window Tinting

There are endless possibilities when you decide to take the leap and get professional window tinting for your business or commercial building. Whether it’s an obvious energy-saving solution, long-term sustainability, or overall protections for your building, you’re bound to experience major savings when you use window film.

Just be sure to reach out to a professional window tinting expert for your installation. You want to ensure that the company has a high level of experience and that they offer competitive prices. Read the reviews. Read the company’s website. Investigate whether they use 3M™ window tinting products, which are considered the industry standard. If you follow these basic guidelines, your business can benefit from window tinting for a long time.

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