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Mobile messaging apps, not social media networks, will be the primary communication medium of the future.

Mobile messaging apps, not social media networks, will be the primary communication medium of the future.

Instant messaging apps are growing increasingly popular throughout the world with each passing year. What is it about instant messaging that makes it so popular. An instant messaging app is an application allowing for the transmission of instant messages and multimedia information via the Internet. These programs may be downloaded and installed on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It is widely agreed that the United States was the first country to create an instant messaging service in the early 1970s. It was created for the purpose of exchanging information between government officials and military personnel. This has proved to be an excellent tool that will be important for every person around the world and for every business industry.

The common messaging apps that we use today were not the first ones, as between 2000 and 2010, ICQ was one of the most widely used instant messaging clients around the world. By 2012, the fast rise of social networks had resulted in a big decline in the number of ICQ users and finally in recent years the users from social networks went away to messaging apps. Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram have hundreds of millions of users. Pretty soon the number will be in billions.

What is the distinction between a messaging app and a social network and why are people deleting their old social media accounts? Messaging apps and social networking sites allow users to interact with their friends through the transmission of voice or textual messages. But social networking sites may be used for a variety of reasons other than just instant messaging. You may create a chat, a news feed, listen to music, try to find someone to date, or lead a personal blog all in one place. While a messaging app is a private messaging software that lacks most of the features that social networks have. Still, most people prefer messaging apps at work and for personal messaging because they do not detract from the flow of communication. It is no wonder as social networks are basically an example of “jack of all trades” idiom as separate dating, messaging, music apps are a lot more developed and sophisticated, allowing for a better flow and feel as all intricacies are considered.

With messaging apps, you have complete control over the information you share and with whom it is shared, but on social networks everyone can see what you post or in what group you belong to.

According to statistics, messaging apps will be the most frequently downloaded apps on smartphones already this year. It is pretty important as some of them allow for a free phone number or other features than those were newer available on the market. People love the ability to converse in a more private manner, and like the ability to completely erase all the information. Messaging apps are the best tools for communicating with clients and it is a good venue to help users purchase the things they desire and to supply the information required.

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