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Micronic Releases Auto Decapper and Speeds Up Biobanking Information

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYTKdbeqNyQ]Storing and accessing biobanking information safely just got a little bit easier thanks to the new automatic decapper system for screw cap tubes designed by biobanking storage solutions leaders, Micronic. Officially called an Automatic Screw Cap Decapper, this next generation device gives you an easy, automated way to both cap and decap screw cap storage tubes. You can do this across rows of eight or twelve, totaling up to 96 storage tubes either capped or decapped in just 60 seconds.

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Micronic Releases Auto Decapper and Speeds Up Biobanking Information

This device is invaluable for researchers who are working with large biobanking information samples, cutting out both time spent capping and uncapping samples, as well as human spillage and dropped sample tubes. Compatible with standard screw cap tubes as well as the newer low profile screw top tubes from Micronic (without requiring adapters), this latest innovation adds speed to the biobanking industry that Micronic has rapidly been changing for some time now.

With the release of the low profile screw top tubes, Micronic introduced a new way to create more space in biobanking facilities and laboratories everywhere. Biotechnology companies that were running out of storage space applauded the move towards a lower profile, especially for samples that didn’t require the full length of a standard tube.

Further, the fact that these low profile tubes were ideal for long term storage of specimens at low temperatures gave a wider variety of options to CROs and University researchers alike. It leveled the playing field between bigger and smaller biobanking facilities, allowing the smaller biobanks to enjoy some of the same storage options even with less space to work with.

Automatic Screw Cap Decapper Saves Time and Increases Security

In addition to being able to rapidly screw on or off a large number of cap tops in just one minute, the new device also has a number of other features which makes it a must-have for many research organizations, universities, departments and biotech companies:

  • A real time torque monitoring system ensures that every cap is sealed for optimum storage, safety and preservation of the sample’s integrity
  • The ability to cap and uncap up to 96 biobank storage tubes in just 60 seconds is unmatched by any similar device on the market
  • A graphical touchscreen interface makes using the decapper super-simple while further eliminating human error by clearly displaying which tubes are capped and which are uncapped at all times
  • Your biobanking information processes are safer than ever before thanks to permanent sensor control
  • Cuts down on the possibility of cross contamination thanks to stability and reduction of need to move opened tubes by hand
  • A secured processing mode minimizes the time a sample is open by only opening one row at a time. The cap is recapped immediately because it is held over the tube, thus providing maximum sample integrity and security
  • Pause tubes in position for use between capping and recapping. This allows for amazing ease of use
  • Match your exact workflow needs by using the integrated turntable to position a decapped tube for use
  • Contains ethernet connection interface capability for integration
  • A laser sensor automatically reads heights of the tubes and adjusts the capper levels, meaning you don’t have to use adapters when switching between standard and low profile biobank storage tubes
  • Is also compatible with other brands of tubes which are similar in size, shape and function to Micronic biobanking information sample tubes

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