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Menu Covers Made of Metal

metal_menu_coversThere is much behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a menu. After restaurant owners and chefs develop menu choices, set pricing, settle on the layout of featured dishes and print those choices, it is time for them to decide how they want to present the menu to customers. Most want covers that are both attractive and durable. Here are some reasons that metal menu covers could be a good choice.

Additional Branding
Although the restaurant name and operating hours are often printed on the paper selected for the menu, a metal cover gives restauranteurs a chance to do some additional marketing. A prominent etched or embossed name or restaurant logo on a metal cover leaves an impression that customers are not likely to forget.

Environmentally Friendly
Because metal is long-lasting, covers made of copper, aluminum or brass can be recycled for long use. Menu design firms also use recycled metal to make new menus. The menus inside the covers may be updated often, and the beautiful metal cover will remain. The covers are sometime paired with other border materials like leather, which makes the spine flexible. This gives customers a soft surface to place in their hands.

Appeals to a Wide Range of Tastes
Some restaurants may choose to use artwork, licensed sports insignia or meaningful prose on their covers. Menu covers made of copper offer some design options beyond the menu buyer’s control. Over time, a natural patina changes the colors that appear in the metal. This effect would make no two copper menus ever appear alike.

Many of the metal choices available for menu covers could be conversation starters over meals. They are a notable break from cork, laminated card stock, vinyl or Plexiglas. Metals can make menus look more upscale and classy, even if the menu features casual fare like burgers and fries. They tempt you to want to spend more time with the menu and give the choices more than a passing glance. Anything that can add to the dine-in experience in such a significant way is good news to both the restaurant owner and his hungry customers.

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  1. Michael Mc Bride

    Metal cover menu covers are always good as they last very long time. Apart from this one can also opt for Semi Rigid Menu Covers as they are also highly durable.

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