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Mechanical Watches: Accessories for Old Souls

gold-watchMany of today’s wristwatches are state-of-the-art, often sporting such features as the ability to monitor calories or update you about the latest Facebook posts you might have missed. But the vintage mechanical watch is part of a timeless tradition that can never be replaced. Presented as a gift, these timepieces also mark special occasions and milestones such as a graduation, wedding, or anniversary. The mechanical wristwatch has evolved over the past 100 years, and we’ve selected a list of fine watches that continue that austere legacy.

Tendence Gold

If you have a certain style and want to showcase it by way of fashion statement, a classic timepiece is a great way to add character to your outfit. Mechanical watches have seen changes over the years, but they’ve managed to keep the meaning and sentiment the same. If you’re looking for something with traditional flair, the Tendence Gold is captivating with a distinctive double dialand bold, prominent3-dimensional numbers on the watch face. Their Skeleton line of timepieces is similarly striking, with a sophisticated finish and sleek lugs that mesh with the case and inside-view of the watches intricate workings.

Ingersoll Pullman Limited Edition

Mechanical watches are unique and have evolved over the years. But there’s no substituting the intricacies of the various timepieces. Although smartphones and other electronic accessories may be convenient for telling time and setting alarms, the smooth style of the mechanic watches can out adorn any wrist. Ingersoll Pullman Limited Edition is designed to suit a variety of tastes and personalities. Whether you enjoy that it’s backed by history that dates back to the 1800s or you like the modern design, you’re sure to find it to be a timeless treasure that can be passed from one generation to the next. Designed in Germany, Ingersoll watches are automatic and don’t require batteries. Made of polished stainless steel and hardened glass, the strap is constructed out of black leather.

Seiko Sportsmatic 5

Smart watches are popular because they can relay information from the Internet;but when it comes to style and history, watch wearers depend on the classics. The mechanical watch is crafted to be long-lasting as it’s durable and strong, making it like a special heirloom to be passed from family member to family member. The Seiko Sportsmatic 5 is a mechanical device that includes an auto self-winding feature. Introduced in the 1960s, it’s a combination of style, tradition, and flair. Although it doesn’t have the capabilities of the smartwatches, it’s water resistant, scratch proof, and constructed to weather the elements.

Rolex Explorer

The Rolex is an iconic timepiece that is popular with those looking for a traditional watch to adorn their wrist. Manufactured in the 1950s, the Rolex Explorer has a number of features that include steel bracelet and Twinlock winding crown. The fine bezel include a black dial, significant Arabic numerals and luminescent markers. Constructed to last, it’s the ideal wrist watch for those looking for a classic look.

When it comes to watches, the mechanical variety are a timeless treasure for old souls. Although smartphones and smartwatches have amazing technologic features, they can’t replace exquisite workmanship. The mechanical varieties also make excellent presents and family heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation.

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