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Makita Jigsaw: high and strict standards

Makita is a brand that creates professionalMakita jigsaw cordedand many other electric tools that are manufactured with innovative materials, quality components, and years of experience. Their products are known all over the world and are appreciated for the highest quality and reasonable cost. During production, they apply their own “know-how” and strict standards.

A tool like Makita jigsaw 18v is designed to cut quickly, smoothly, and neatly. It is equipped with a mechanical counterweight system to reduce vibration, and an electronic engine speed control system allows you to select the optimal cutting speed for different materials (wood, ceramic tiles, plastic, thin sheet metal, glass and even stone). Three orbital settings make it easy to choose the optimal cutting mode.

Makita jigsaw corded is powered by an electrical network. The high-quality stuffing provides the tool with a wide range of rotations.

Makita Jigsaw Tool: Ease of Use and Functionality

The compact size and ergonomic shape of the Makita 18v jigsaw allow you to work comfortably without static load on arms and upper body muscles. The jigsaw is equipped with modern technologies that reduce the level of vibration and noise, which favorably affects the comfort of the working process.

Makita jigsaws can be used in any construction or fit-out project. In addition to builders and carpenters, they are popular among plumbers, service station workers, and home workshops.

A power tool like the Makita 18v jigsaw brushless has:

  • increased efficiency;
  • good cutting depth;
  • comfort and ease of use (hands get tired less).

With this universal device, you can easily make cuts of a wide variety of configurations and shapes. Such an electric jigsaw will be useful for you in everyday life and in industrial production.

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