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Making Your Own Gourmet Coffee

Coffee has come a long way from the standard store-bought products our parents and grandparents drank. The growth of gourmet coffee chains and the addition of similar products in other restaurants have raised everyone’s expectations to previously-unseen levels. We’re all really enjoying our coffee now because it’s so easy to get a great drink almost anywhere you go.

But many consumers are starting to grow weary of the cost. If they crunch the numbers of buying a cup every day compared to making coffee at home, there’s no comparison, but they keep on doing it because they don’t think they can put together a great coffee like that at home.

The great news is that the growth in foodservice coffee has also shown up in home products. There are plenty of products on the market now that will let you put together that delicious double-cream foam latte super-espresso hot-roast custom cup that you’ve paid a lot of money for over a period of years.

Before you spend one more month spending three to five dollars a day on coffee, start thinking about doing your own coffee at home. You’ll not only save money, you’ll also get your drink just the way you want it. And as a bonus, you’ll be able to wake up to the smell of your coffee brewing instead of having to rush out the door earlier to make a stop at the coffee bar.

The first thing you’ll have to do is master the flavors. Find quality coffee grounds or, better yet, coffee beans that you can grind yourself. Read up on the types that go into your favorite flavors, then find a source for them that can get you quality beans at a competitive price.

Next, think about the flavors you add. The types of Monin Coffee Syrup are as varied as the tastes of their many customers, so shop around their site to see what product (or products) get your attention. Stock up and get ready to experiment. Remember that retail coffee establishments often split the middle, offering only those flavors that they can sell at an acceptable pace. Find some flavors that go a little off-script and develop a coffee recipe for your home use that you can’t find at the hands of any barista.

Of course, those great beans are worthless if you don’t grind them properly. Grocery stores no longer have their old DIY grinders, but you can find a machine of your own that will store neatly in your kitchen. This will permit you to keep the flavor as fresh as possible, grinding beans only when you’re actually ready to use them instead of buying grounds that have been bagged up and transported over an unknown period of time. You’ll see the difference in the very first cup.

Time requirements could mean you need to grind some beans ahead of time, especially for those early work mornings. Make sure you find the right type of container to store your grounds so that they maintain the right level of moisture, freshness, and flavor for your later use.

Next comes the brewing itself. While you can make a pretty good cup of coffee with your standard big-box store coffee maker, you’ll end up with a much better product if you’ll check on some of the nicer units you can buy online. There are coffee makers that brew single cups and others that will grind and then brew, saving you some money and counter space. There are also espresso machines that will whip up your preferred formulation.

Most of these models are easy to operate, clean, and store, so they’re ideal for home use. Make sure you check a timer so that the unit doesn’t stay hot after you dash out the door with your coffee in the morning.

The final thing you’ll need is your skills. While you can watch online tutorials and otherwise self-educate about it, the best thing to do is just to head to the kitchen and start trying things. Call in some coffee-loving friends for a day of experimenting with various bean types, flavor additives, and processing techniques.

Coffee is incredibly popular, and that broad appeal has sent the cost of a daily cup far beyond what most of us wish we were spending. Fortunately, that popularity has also made it easier than ever to brew top-quality coffee at home. The investment of some money and time in learning to make your own coffee can easily pay for itself.

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