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Luminous Accessories for Fluffy Dogs

As a dog owner, you want to make sure your dog stays safe and healthy at all times, but you might also want him to look great too, so why not combine the two with some great luminous accessories. These types of accessories are essential for keeping your dog visible to you, as well as other pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles, particularly during darker winter evenings. No one wants to return home from a nightly walk without their faithful friend, and the thought of a lost or injured dog is enough to bring a feeling of total fear to dog owners all across the world.

Amazingly enough, there are lots of different types of accessories to suit all dog breeds, sizes and fur types, so in this feature, we want to focus on fluffy dogs. With so much fur to contend with it can be difficult to find the right accessories to suit your dog's fur type and tick the boxes for visibility and safety too. Regular luminous products can get lost in a bed of fur or not have strong enough light transmission meaning they are not actually doing much to keep your pet visible. Long or fluffy hair can look amazing if your dog is well groomed, and there are innovations that can help to keep them looking great and feeling safe on the market.


LED Collar - A light up collar is perfect for keeping your dog in sight at night when he's off the lead. Collar's like the Pooch light Collar features a battery powered, dual strip LED for better light transmission on dark nights when you're out walking, particularly on dogs with thicker fur. The dual LED strip runs end to end on the collar, giving visibility of up to half a mile. This cracking design is the perfect night walking accessory; it's water resistant and fully rechargeable via a USB connector, plus 3 flashing modes or a static glow for optimal visibility of your dog.

Light-Up Lead - If your dog is a big fluff ball and a luminous collar just won't stand out enough, then why not opt for a luminous leash. The Pooch light Lead offers one of the longest and brightest around, which means you can still give your dog plenty of freedom on walks, but still have peace of mind that he can be seen. These leads feature end to end dual strip LED's for maximum light up and visibility and come in a range of bright colors to suit your style and pet - vibrant red, bright green, electric blue or sunset orange and can be set to flashing or static mode for ultimate visibility.

Reflective Dog Coat - Despite all the fur, another option could be a reflective dog coat, to make sure they stay illuminated in the dark. Unlike a harness, the jacket will have less chance of getting lost in your pooch's fluffy coat. The dog coats are typically made from bright yellow high visibility fabric, with reflective strips and come in a range of sizes. Although having reflective strips means it is only visible if light catches the jacket, rather than a continuous light source like the LED strips.


The best way to keep your fluffy dog safe and in sight is to opt for an LED product. That way you can be sure they are always visible, whether they are on or off the lead. The brightness of a dual LED strip means greater visibility even through thick fur, making for safer walks in low light every time.

If you want the best in the business then Squeaker Dog have a great range of luminous accessories for fluffy dogs on offer.

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