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Lorne Marr’s Pinterest Profile

Untitled-5Pinterest is known as a website which is preferred by women but the profile of Lorne Marr on this site shows that men also like it. His wall lays out various boards created by account owner and images pinned on to those boards. There are a total of 9 different boards created so far which are Cars, Motorcycles, Getting in Shape, Fun Stuff, Marketing Jokes, Quotes, Design & Graphics, Insurance and Blue Jays. The cars board leads the pack with 163 pins. The motorcycle board stands behind cars with 88 pins.

The profile page also lists down the various parameters associated with the profile. It shows number of boards, number of pins, number of likes, followers as well as following. The navigation bar at the top invites the readers to join the website or login if they already have an account. Above the navigation bar, there is an option to change the language. On the left side at the top there is a search box which allows one to search through the whole website or in specific categories. The profile page also has an option for uploading a picture of the account holder.

There is a follow button at the bottom of all the boards. If one has an account on the website and is logged in, one can click on the follow button to follow that particular board. A follower can then see all of the pins on the board in his feed. Clicking on a particular board takes one to the collection of all the pins under that board. Clicking on the cars board takes one to the different car images which has been pinned to the board by the owner of that account. At the top of the webpage, it also mentions number of followers and following of that particular board along with some tags which have been chosen by the owner of that board.

Under each pin, the description provides the original source of the image and the associated tags as well as any comments made on the pins by other account holders.

If one clicks on the pins tab, it shows all the pins on all the boards under that account. In this particular case, this tab lists down 353 pins along with tags and various comments and description. Similarly the likes tab shows all the pins which are pinned by other account holders but are liked by this particular account. In this case, this tab has 166 pins. It has pins ranging from cars and motorcycles to fitness. The followers tab lists down various followers who have been following this particular account. Under each of the followers account, there is a follow button. It also gives a summary of the number of pins done by that account and also the number of total followers an account has.

The following tab lists down all the accounts a particular account has been following. It also gives the option of following any account by clicking on the follow button below each account. It also lists the number of pins and followers of that particular account.

One can easily sign up for Pinterest by clicking on the sign up button or follow button. It gives two options for creating an account. One can log in with a Facebook account or one can create a separate Pinterest account with just an email address. In addition to personal accounts, Pinterest also provides an option to sign up for a business account. There are a lot more options provided for a business account. One can specify a business website in their profile as well as a business name. In business type, the website provides various options such as a professional, public figure, brand and many others.

Pinterest has been growing at a humongous rate since its inception. It is now the third most popular social networking site after Facebook and twitter. It provides an easy way to create a collection of anything through images. It is important for every business to create a presence on Pinterest as this is the place where the audience is.

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