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Live longer by switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping e-cigs

The research that surrounds e-cigarettes has always been controversial since the time e-cigarettes came into existence and people have constantly kept switching from one side to the other to decide which is better, vaping or smoking. According to a study, it is said that e-cigarettes have shown the highest rate of smokers who have successfully quit smoking as they’re much less likely to inhale all kinds of chemicals which are directly related to cancer. At the same time, there are few other researchers who are of the opinion that vaping can harm the health of your heart even in the short term.

Studies which support the claim of e-cigarettes

No matter what has been found out, there is certainly something that we all can agree on – that vaping is comparatively much safer than smoking combustible cigarettes due to the fact that there is no smoke and tar associated. Moreover, a new group of researchers have also found out that millions of people are supposed to live longer if they switched from smoking to vaping e-cigarettes.

According to a new study by a journal Tobacco Control, more than 1.8 million premature deaths could be easily prevented by switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes and this is the ‘pessimistic scenario’ while the optimistic scenario predicts that more than 10 million people could be saved from premature and early deaths. In the optimistic scenario, it was found that the researchers utilized data from the present usage of e-cigarette patterns and the published evaluations for the reduction of harm and this is the ability of the electronic cigarettes to assist smokers in quitting. There are also other alternatives that you can find onthis websitefor your tobacco use.

Benefits of e-cigarettes have been disputed as well

Although the potential of saving lives of e-cigarettes have been promising in the above-mentioned study but it will hardly be the final study in the ever-growing and ongoing debate regarding the harms of electronic cigarettes. The American Lung Association also declined to comment on this kind of research and they have affirmed that they won’t support the premise that electronic cigarettes are safer than conventional cigarettes. According to them, the electronic cigarettes are not considered as safer health perspective. Nevertheless, they’re still better than nicotine products.

What makes e-cigarettes better than tobacco cigarettes?

Now that there is so much debate about whether electronic cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes, you must be wondering the ways in which they seem to be better. Here are few ways to take into account.

  • E-cigs don’t contain tobacco: This is probably the biggest benefit of e-cigarettes as they don’t contain tobacco due to which there is so much harm caused among human beings. Tobacco is harmful for human health and hence e-cigarettes don’t cause much harm due to no-tobacco.
  • E-cigs don’t burn anything: The best thing about vaping e-cigs is that they don’t burn anything. All they do is heat up the e-liquid which comprises of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and other flavours. This causes the vapour which is released in plumes by the user.
  • E-cigs don’t give off ash: There’s no problem of ash from e-cigarettes as they don’t burn anything. Hence, the ashtrays can be left off clean and you will get a neat and tidy room when you switch from tobacco cigs to e-cigs.
  • E-cigs don’t have any odour: Unlike tobacco cigarettes, there is no odour associated with e-cigarettes. When you vape, no one around you will be able to understand that you’re vaping unless you tell them. This is not the case with tobacco cigarettes as this releases a very bad smell due to which people around you may also not like.
  • E-cigs don’t lead to tooth stains: As there is no tar or smoke associated with e-cigarettes, the user will also not witness yellow stains on their teeth and fingers. This is a rather big benefit as this will enhance the appearance of the vaper as well.
  • E-cig’s second hand vape is not harmful: The smoke that is released from a tobacco cigarette is harmful for someone who is not smoking but is there beside you. Such is not the case with the vape that is released from e-cigs.

Smoking cigarettes is presently touted to be the one of the biggest preventable health risks which always leads to death. Among the long-term smokers, 2 among 3 will most likely die early due to the illnesses associated with smoking. This is why the tobacco control experts have recommended the switch to vaping so that people stop dying prematurely. You can take into account buyv2cigs.co.uk for getting a vape pen for yourself.

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