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Life in Dubai-On the Fast Track

dubai-night-life-nightlifeAn amazing road is a car and the driver's best friend. With good roads, comes in amazing drives, faster commute and also, a handful of bad drivers. Dubai is a city where development of good roads and commute has always been rapid and impeccable. Dubai's Police and Road & Transport authority have made sure that bad driving is eliminated from the roads through the system of bad points which leads to confiscation of an individual's license. Another facility in Dubai to speed up emergency situations is the provision of road shoulder. This is mainly for ambulances or police cars or when you've got a sudden flat tyre. Alas, people often use it to jump the traffic or talk on the phone. One of the major reasons of bad driving observed globally is the driver's phone. It's a distraction and also against the law of any country, to use one's phone while driving. In an interesting research during 2011, it was deduced that the number of road accidents had dropped by 20 percent in Dubai and 40 percent in Abu Dhabi, when the a popular mobile company's services went off in the state for a few days. Blessing in disguise?

All said and done, a part of the blame for bad drivers goes to the Dubai roads too. Probably it is hard for the car owners to resist speeding off on the amazingly constructed Dubai roads! Hence, auto insurance becomes a necessary requirement for car owners, in a city like Dubai.

An individual in Dubai can buy speed and avoidance from congestion roads, traffic jams at 600AED. This is the cost of a Dalili Navigation System introduced by the RTA which lets you get real time information and is available at any electronic shop. If you are in Dubai and want to experience long fuss free drives on the amazing roads of this Emirate and surrounding ones, below mentioned are few tips that you must follow!

  1. Maintain your distance: Always maintain a safe distance because you never know if the one ahead of you could turn out to be a bad driver and might take sudden turns or change lanes. Maintain a 3 second speed gap between your car and the one in front of you; this allows you to gain control of your car's speed.
  1. Hazard Lights: Do not use hazard lights during foggy weather. Dubai experiences extreme climate and hence during winters, dense fog is observed. During this period, using hazard lights is incorrect and dangerous. The purpose of these lights is to indicate that you have stopped your car. Also, it creates problem for the driver behind you to gauge whether you are changing lanes. During foggy weather, always use foggy lights.
  1. Kilometers, not miles: If you are from a city where distance is calculated in miles and want to avoid surprising stares, then never ask ‘how many miles' in Dubai. The distance in Dubai is calculated in Kilometers.
  1. SZR: The Sheikh Zayed Road or SZR, is a six lane road which is for easier commute from one Emirate to another. Driving on this road during non-peak hours is a great journey. Although, never miss your turns here. If you do, then be prepared to drive for another 30 minutes to get on the right track.
  1. Auto insurance: Drivers with a driving license since at least a year in UAE or two years from any transferable country can apply for insurance of their car. Minimum age has to be 25 years and the car should be in the name of the person who is applying for car insurance. In a country where speeding is a common offence people indulge in, a car insurance with ensure damage coverage.

These are just few of the tips to drive on Dubai roads. Dubai has zero tolerance for drink and drive cases so make sure to not indulge in any such act. Traces can be recorded even the day after you've consumed alcohol. To read up about all traffic rules and laws of Dubai visit www.rta.ae. Be alert and safe.

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