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Learn Time Management for a Simpler Life

Do you often feel overwhelmed with a typical day’s workload? If so, you might need to learn a few time management skills and add a bit of organization to your work routine and daily life. For most people, that’s all it takes to get things in order and stay on top of regular job duties. If you suspect that the problem is how you manage time rather than the fact that you’re truly overworked, try a basic strategy and see whether it helps.

Step one is about making a detailed weekly schedule that includes everything you do from morning to bedtime. For adults who are attending school while working a full-time job, it’s crucial to create an hour-by-hour breakdown of a standard week’s chores, job-related tasks, social events, etc. For so many people who view the clock as an enemy, the solution is as simple as eliminating wasted, dead time from schedules. But in the struggle to deal with the problem, don’t forget to get enough sleep, exercise occasionally, and give yourself enough leeway to take part in social activities. Here’s how to get started.

Making a Master Weekly Schedule

Be careful when developing a weekly schedule. Label every hour of each day and omit nothing. Later, you’ll likely find it helpful to memorize the listing or at least post it on devices and physical locations so you can see it at all times. Don’t commit to the first version. It’s important to amend the master schedule as needed for the first few weeks. You will no doubt have to deal with stress and interruptions to your intended schedule so learning flexibility when needed is critical.

Getting a Degree While Working

Getting a college or graduate degree while working full-time is a tough challenge for anyone. For the brave souls who face this unique lifestyle, it’s essential to use a weekly schedule. It also helps to focus on just two things: work and classes. Taking care of degree-related expenses first is a smart way to earn a degree without worrying about how to pay for next semester’s tuition. For many working adults in school, the most efficient strategy is getting a student loan from a reputable private lender. Not only can you get competitive interest rates and realistic terms, but private lenders can help you cover all the costs of earning a four-year or graduate degree.

Minimize Dead Time

Video game playing, wasted hours of passive TV watching, and internet surfing for no special reason are three of your biggest enemies. While aiming to eliminate dead time from your day, always allow for necessary activities like exercise, social recreation, and sleep. Try to identify the various ways you waste time. Everyone has a few favorites, and labeling them is the first step to rooting them out.

Limit Calls and Email Sessions

Those who use their minutes and hours efficiently do certain things that make their lives easier. Set a limit on non-essential phone calls. View email no more than three times per day. Don’t linger over meals or simple personal care activities like showering and getting dressed. It’s possible to limit phone conversations and email sessions and reclaim many of those lost minutes and hours.

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