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Learn About the Strange Disease Called Elizabeth King

samplesElizabeth King is nothing but the bacteria which causes a respiratory tract illness to the human body. Mainly the disease can occur due to the exposure of these particular bacteria known as Elizabethkingia. Common symptoms can be shortness of breath, cellulitis, or fever.

Presence Of The Bacteria: The rod-shaped bacteria is distributed through soil, salt water or the fresh water. Generally the bacteria are present in the frogs and the fishes but not present in microflora of human. Elizabeth O King, the American bacteriologist studied about this dangerous bacterium. It can also be present in the surfaces of the root and the leaf of the tropical tree. Though their role within the plant is not known, it possesses a host –specific relationship with the roots and leaves.

Who’s Being Infected? The disease is basically sporadic in nature. From the study obtained from health care facilities and hospitals, patient can be of any ages. The people who are vulnerable to the infections or possess other illness can easily get affected by this Elizabeth King disease.

Symptoms Of The Disease: This particular disease can cause various infections within the bloodstream. The people can feel ill with shaking, fever and chills. If it occurs in a particular site of the skin, it may show redness or skin inflammation. Pneumonia can also show respiratory systems.

How Dangerous? The infection can depend on the underlying illness of the patient. Your immunity power can be strong enough to fight a battle with these strange bacteria. But if you are already ill with diseases, the death rates can increase as it can become more vulnerable. Previous infections and diseases can act as contributing factor for the Elizabeth King.

Unusual Outbreak: As it is the sporadic disease, you will find the disease as an unusual outbreak. A multi-county outbreak occurred this year in Winconsin, USA which killed a lot of people.

Treatment Options: Though very little, the treatment options are available through antibiotics and its several combinations. Sometimes there immune system of the human body cannot play any role in preventing the infections. If you have compromised for your immune system in the past, you will not be able to fight with the disease immediately.

Prevention: Now, how can the people protect themselves? It is the responsibility of the health care providers for identifying and detecting it. The laboratory report can be sent to the public health department for supporting with the finance of the investigation.

Origin And Treatment Process: Generally the source of the disease is water because sample examination have been done by the experienced bacteriologists. The water if comes in contact with the human body or obtained internally, is prone to be contaminated with this strange infection.

Where Found? As the bacteria are not very virulent, the infection can affect the normal host body. It generally causes when the immune system cannot prevent the attack. The bacteria can enter the body while transplanting any organ, dialysis or any immune-compromised treatment, the people are very much vulnerable to the infections. So it can occur in the health care facilities or in the hospitals, where these activities can take place in the body with the contact of any fluid.

As this disease very rare in nature, Centers for Disease and Control have not yet done a thorough research of this antibiotic-resistant infection of the bloodstream. The symptoms are fairly apparent and significant making the patient seriously ill with fever and shaking. If your immunity system is not that strong, you are vulnerable to this strange bacterial infection. Though found in trees or leaves, mainly the bacteria are found in places like salt water or fresh water.

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