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Learn about Livestream on Youtube

rwfergfweLivestreams on YouTube Live are a great way to chat with viewers in real time and to expand the channel’s audience. This format is great for sharing your impressions, as well as expressing your opinion about various events and news. The YouTube Live control panel has many useful tools, including chat for chatting and statistics.

One of the benefits of the YouTube Live feature is that live broadcasts help to diversify content. If you are searching for what type of content to use in your broadcasts, share your requirements with edu birdy and save your time and energy.

It also has other advantages.
Live broadcasts help to establish contact with the audience. During the stream, you can share with them live emotions or even show what usually remains off-screen.

Broadcasting does not require installation and additional processing. They can be carried out even if you have little time.
You can broadcast directly from your mobile device, as well as to stream in 4K resolution with minimal delay and in a panoramic format.
Livestreams are automatically published on your channel. You can revise them at any time or change something, for example, to cut an unnecessary moment.

Viewers can write messages in the chat and thereby influence the course of the video. In addition, you can choose moderators among your fans, and they will track user comments using special tools.
Many users of the YouTube service for a long time wanted to get the opportunity to livestream from their channel. Google made a gift for the owners of channels with a good reputation, and recently they found an additional menu, which collected all the necessary for broadcasting in real time. We’ll show you how to organize live streaming on YouTube. Thanks to the livestreams, you can significantly increase the user audience, advertise the product or service and even earn money.

Thus, if you decided to livestream on YouTube, you will need the following:

1. Download the program Screen Stream Mirroring (there is a paid and free version) and install on your gadget. By the way, in addition to YouTube, you can also broadcast to Twich and others.
2. Select “YouTube” in the menu on the left, and go to the settings. Here you must enter key data (URL server and stream address) – these are the key parameters. The menu says where and how to get this data, so go further. The “Controls Overlay” function is a semi-transparent menu that will help to stop or start quickly the livestream (for example, during games).
3. Also in the settings, you can turn on the camera (the image will be displayed in a small window), set the audio or video settings.
4. Among other important parameters is the resolution of the picture, bit rate and so on (depends on the speed of the Internet).
5. Now on YouTube, the broadcasting was created – do not forget to specify in “Type of broadcast” – “Special.”
6. In the main menu of the program, click “Play, ” and the stream will start.
7. Now you can enter the service and watch the stream on YouTube. By the way, make sure that everything works correctly.

Planning and promotion of Livestreams

Think about how you will hold the attention of the audience during the next stream. Write down some ideas. Hold a short livestream from your mobile device. Before you start a live broadcast, make sure that your account has a good reputation, and it is confirmed. Identify goals and make a plan or make a storyboard. Decide which format suits you: a single broadcast or a series.Think about the video stream to make the audience interested in watching and recording it. Think about all the technical aspects of the broadcast. Set up a chat: if necessary, assign moderators and make up a tabu list of words. Think whether you need to invite a co-host. Giving him some of the responsibilities, you will save time and energy. This is important because during the broadcast you need not only to disclose all selected topics, but also to respond to the comments of viewers in the chat.
Distribute responsibilities. Assign chat moderators, as well as those who will monitor the state of the broadcast and other technical issues.To join the broadcast as many viewers as possible, you need to think about how you will advertise it. Promote the broadcast on social networks and on your channel. Invite fans to leave questions or ideas for the airwaves. In a few days, hours or even minutes before the event, start placing teasers. Invite viewers to subscribe to your channel and enable notifications about it. To make the broadcast easier to find, add a suitable name and come up with an interesting description, insert an attractive icon and your livestream will become the most expectative thing in any life. During and after the stream, ask viewers to include notifications about your channel, and they will receive information about the broadcast via email or in the app. The message that you are on air will be shown in a special section on the channel and in the “Subscriptions” feed from your fans. Live broadcasts are displayed in the search results, on the main page, and in the recommendations. Keep consistency – streaming at the same time.

Popular methods how to stream on YouTube easily:

  1. Software for iOS and Android. It’s about special programs that can be found in PlayMarket, as well as on the AppStore. These are special clients that can transfer an image from the phone screen to YouTube. In fact, they perform the OBS function on the computer, but they are much easier to configure. For example, the application is popular Live on YouTube, Mobizen Live Stream, Live Video Stream and more.
  2. Special application. Now gamers can create online videos from the phone to a special service YouTube Gaming. To do this, you need an appropriate client or third-party application Gusher – Screen Broadcaster.


The best programs for streaming from the phone

Now every user of the global network can organize his own broadcast in just a few minutes. In the network, you can find dozens of programs, but only a few of them really deserve attention. 5 popular programs for broadcasting selected for you:

Live on YouTube this is utility has a low rating (3.7). However, the program pleases with simple settings and design. Unfortunately, it does not work on all devices.

Mobizen Live Stream is a very simple utility that is under testing. With its help, you can easily transfer images to YouTube. CCTube – the program has a good rating and good settings. The main disadvantage is a low quality of streaming.

Gusher is one of the best of its kind and allows you to broadcast from your phone (camera, screen, etc.).

Screen Stream Mirroring – the program is really simple and deserves to gain its 4.1 points.

Along with the launch of mobile streams, YouTube introduced “Superchat” – paid messages that the host will see in the first place. Records are highlighted in bright colors and remain at the top of the chat window for up to five hours. Thus, the blogger will be able to monetize his livestreams.

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