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Laser Marking Leads a New Track in Manufacturing

Handheld Laser Distance Measurer The process of engraving has been practiced by many artists since the ancient times even before power tools were invented. Engraving is the process of creating an art and putting it on a hard surface which are usually flat by removing the excess from the surface. The finished product is a product with a brand new look and stunning look. The common materials that are used to conduct the engraving are silver, gold, steel, and glass. Wood and stones are also used in engraving since the ancient times up until now. Engraving is the historical way of creating lifelong images and reproducing it. But now, we have photographic processes that can be used as an alternative in the engraving.

As a modern way of engraving, plastics are now used in engraving together with metals. Goldsmiths, gunsmiths, glass engravers and others still use the traditional way of marking by using a burin or simple machines. But now, a company that engraves plastic and metal uses a laser to engrave instead of the traditional engraving tools and machines. As the industry of the laser technology improves throughout the years of continuous studies, the laser marking or laser engraving is also evolving and becoming faster. With a faster laser marking, more products will be able to produce by a company that engraves plastic and metals for the whole year that can increase their profit. Right now, the continuing developments of the laser engraving industry with its designs, its beam-steering, computer hardware, and focus optics are expanding the function of its systems.

A company that engraves plastic and metal now not only uses lasers to make their work faster but also because of its efficiency and clean finishes. It does not settle in the traditional use of inks nor tool bits which give it an advantage in the engraving industry. They use laser engraving machines which are divided into three parts namely: the surface, the controller, and the laser. The laser serves as the pencil which is a beam that allows the controller to trace the designed pattern on the surface of the material. The controller which is a machine connected to a computer that controls the direction, the speed of its movement, the wideness of the laser beam to the surface, and its intensity. Then, the surface is set to match the movement of the controller and the laser.

A company that engraves plastic and metal that uses the beam-steered laser engraving machine gives advantages compared to other marking processes. It is made with a unique combination of flexibility, speed, and permanence in the surface that can be seen in the same degrees. Non-contact laser marking also gives a lot of people more benefits since the only force that is applied to the process is the localized thermal result of the laser. The permanent markings of laser engraving can provide a lifetime images that printed images cannot have. The new optic deliveries in this process are also enhanced to give the user a wide selection of lenses while performing the detailed laser markings.

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