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Joe Satriani Says “Big Bends String Cleaning Wipes Should be in Everyone’s Guitar Case”

When you are strumming your guitar with new strings, it can seriously change the way you play, fuel your greatest performance, and even has the potential of dragging the laziest of guitarists from out of their stupor and just play.

Sadly, new strings do not keep their zing forever. No matter how much you want to extend their lifespan, there comes a time when they lose their mojo and go dead, or break with a heart-wrenching twang that will force you to change the string. At Big Bends, one of the most frequent questions we are asked is how to delay this inevitable scenario. Our recommendation is to always use Big Bends Nut Sauce for tuning and string breakage problems and Big Bends String Cleaning Wipes for long life, and tone. Heck, even Joe Satriani uses them.

In fact, there is quite a story to that.

About three years ago, I got an order from Joe Satriani for string wipes that were made by a private label company but had my name on it. Those string wipes did the job OK, but they smelled very strongly and I was not happy with them, overall.

Anyways, Joe bought those string wipes and I didn’t hear from him again. I also decided not to follow up with him since I was embarrassed to sell such a cheap product to a great artist like him.

However, it did inspire me to create my own brand of cleaning wipes. After three years of hard work, I finally chose clean-room material for my wipes as it clinging’s to the string best, and has more friction for cleaning when you pinch it. And, the new cleaning solution is the best in the business. It dries quickly, smells fresh and clean, and leaves no residue.

When I was happy with my string cleaning wipes, I contacted Joe Satriani and asked him to try them again. He said that he would and if he liked them, he would review them for me. I sent a package of five sets of string wipes (to replace the one’s he bought) to his address and tracked the order, and lo and behold — within four hours, Joe sent me this quote:

“Big Bends String Cleaning Wipes should be in everyone’s guitar case. They will keep your strings sounding the way they should and help them last longer too.”

I don’t think that we need a bigger endorsement than that.

As the creator of Big Bends products for over 20 years, we have a proven record of ensuring string strength and preventing breakage. Our string cleaning wipes remove all the oil and gunk that guitar strings accumulate while playing that can promote dead strings.

Big Bends String Cleaning Wipes are the solution to this dilemma.

What makes our String Cleaning Wipes different — and dare we say, better — than the competition is that we use clean-room technology. They are actually made from clean-room wipes instead of the ordinary cotton and paper that other guitar wipes are made from. When you run Big Bends String Cleaning wipes over your guitar strings, it will scrub it well, without leaving a residue.

Big Bends Guitar String Cleaning wipes are non-allergenic and non-toxic. This is particularly helpful since they can be used safely for cleaning the fret board, nut, bridge, saddle, — plus, you can also use them to wipe gunk and grime from your fingers easily.

You will be surprised to see how much impact using Big Bends Nut Sauce and String Wipes have on your guitar-playing experience!

Big Bends String Cleaning Wipes come double-bagged to keep them fresh. You can choose the 25-wipe or 50-wipe package that offer great value for your money. Use promo code: CDP101 and save 10%. With Big Bends new String cleaning Wipes your strings will sound better and last longer too. Take it from Joe Satriani.

Our Big Bends Guitar String Wipes are available exclusively at www.bigbends.com. Visit our website today or order from us by calling 1-888-788-2363. With every purchase, we offer the Big Bends guarantee: if our product does not serve you as advertised, return it to us for a complete refund of your purchase price or a replacement product. Of course, this guarantee last for 60 days, and has no strings attached!

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