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Is Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly a scam?

So if you are thinking of going with Profits Unlimited, take a moment to ask yourself: Is Profits Unlimited byPaul Mampilly scam? Do your due diligence, and don’t be misled into a program that might never deliver on its promises. Here are a few things you should know!

Paul Mampilly and His Advisory Service (Profits Unlimited)

There’s a lot of hype on the internet about Profits Unlimited, an investment advisory service that offers training and support for investors to make money onWall Street. However, it’s hard to know how much of its just marketing and how much is legitimate.

  • Paul Mampilly is an investment expert and former hedge fund manager on Wall Street. He’s also the founder of Profits Unlimited and has a solid track record of success with his services.
  • Profits Unlimited has a good operation and offers reasonably priced services, like mentoring people interested in investing in equities through their online platform or offering mentoring sessions via video conferencing where they help out with investing strategies.
  • Someone who gave this service top marks said, “Finally, someone helped me make money without being scammed.” Others said they had negative experiences with this service and were giving it a bad review because they felt ripped off by all the expenses of hiring Paul Mampilly (who charges at least $3,000 per month).

What is Profits Unlimited?

Profits Unlimited is an investment newsletter published monthly by Banyan Hill Publishing. The editor of this newsletter, Paul Mampilly, has been featured in Forbes and Fortune for his stock-picking prowess. Profits Unlimited focuses on finding small-cap stocks that are typically under the radar of most investors and aren’t talked about very much. The top stories in Profits Unlimited aren’t traditional companies that you hear about.

Does the newsletter work?

It’s easy to be skeptical when a newsletter comes out of nowhere, promising profitable information that seems too good to be true. If you’ve been burned before by other newsletters or scams, you might wonder if Profits Unlimited is another money-stealing scam. However, there’s no need to worry.

Paul Mampilly has an honest and reputable background in investing and finance. He worked as a portfolio manager at Kinetics Asset Management, managing over $6 billion in assets, and he was named one of the world’s top investment managers by Barron’s.

Paul Mampilly isn’t just some guy selling snake oil on the internet—his experience speaks for itself. His track record makes it likely that his advice will improve your profits… assuming you’re willing to follow it!

Profits Unlimited

Profits Unlimited is a stock market newsletter by Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul Mampilly is the editor. He uses his two decades of experience to find stocks ready to explode. Profits Unlimited track record has gained more than 7,000 subscribers in its first year.

Profits Unlimited is written for the average person who doesn’t have much time or experience investing in the stock market. Many investors don’t have time to spend hours analyzing the market and finding stocks that will make them money. Hence, they outsource this task to someone else like Paul Mampilly, Alex Koyfman, Matt McCall, and Jeff Yastine, just to name a few Banyan Hill Publishing experts who provide investment advice on Facebook Stock, XRP Ripple Coin, and many others with excellent results.


In conclusion, Profits Unlimited is a legit newsletter. The whole program includes the website design and Paul Mampilly himself — who has an over-the-top persona and should probably cut down on the caffeine — but his stock picks have been accurate. Novice investors may not want to sign up for this newsletter due to its high cost and lack of customer service, but if you’re willing to bet your money on Paul Mampilly’s research team, they might pay off with some nice gains.

In the end, it’s your decision if you want to follow the advice in Profits Unlimited. Don’t fall for stories about how much other people have made or a secret method. The best way to succeed is to educate yourself and learn from your own experience. Paul Mampilly probably knows what he’s talking about, and it wouldn’t hurt to check out his advice.

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