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Is live casino the future of online casino?

In this article, you will find all the answers to the question of which providers offerthe best live casino as well as the technology they use. After all, it is precisely the gaming tables that thrill thousands of players with their unique and realistic atmosphere.

In order to be able to establish a classification, we had to divide the topic of live casinos into several test categories. Different criteria play a role:

First of all, we focus on the breadthof game selectionat live casinos. At the end of the day, this gaming space isn’t very useful to you if there are only three or four tables available. And of course, the chances of winning are also very high – not least because of the limits set by the live casino.

The Live Casino at a glance

Some online casinos have been in the market for almost 20 years now. With the turn of the millennium, the Internet has become a matter of course for more and more households, and it is precisely this fact that gaming companies and software companies have used to create a special casino experience. The first live casinos, however, came much later.

You will find that the technology in the field of live games has advanced a lot in the last few years alone.

The first live casinos weren’t very spectacular compared to today. Most of the time you could only choose between roulette, blackjack and baccarat in the classic version.

In the meantime, a lot of things have happened and the live offer of an online casino has grown considerably. And it is precisely the variety of game variants that makes a visit to such a live casino attractive. You can choose fromdifferent versions of common classics, and even poker or dancing drums slots and some real game highlights have been implemented so brilliantly that you just have to watch them.

Of course, live gaming isn’t the only requirement that will play a role for you. Several criteria are even more important, including good quality and playing without interruption. The more technologically positioned a live casino, the higher the score will be.

This is what matters in Live Casino

As soon as one examines the live games of an online casino, the first question that arises is: what is the scope of the offer? For example, are there only the simple versions of the classic games, or does the company perhaps offer a wider choice of gaming tables – also in terms of betting limits?

In order to be able to perform a technically correct analysis, we had to “concretize” our test criteria a bit. The following aspects were taken into account in the test:

  • What games are on offer – and at what times?
  • How flexible are bets on the tables?

In addition to the main criteria, it is important to take a look at thepossibilities of winning at thegaming tables. Of course, classics such as Black Jack and Roulette usually have fixed odds, which are derived from the game. set of standard rules. However, most live casinos offer very special variations of these classics, and this is where you can “vary” the odds, at least a little. This is exactly what we focused on when testing the odds.

The selection of live games

Both from an expert point of view and for you, the range of live games on offer plays a major role. The more you are offered, the longer you will enjoy the live casino. The range of games on offer is therefore always at the top of the list.

Due to the rapid technological development of the industry, software vendors today are able to create more than a few classic tables. Variants of popular games such as baccarat, poker, roulette, and blackjack are increasingly versatile.

A similar situation is observed for sports betting, where the offer in live betting centers has also grown significantly over the years.

Therefore, almost all betting providers who are very fond of themselves and their live betting offer live betting opportunities around the clock.

The latter are normally dominated by football matches, but tennis and various other ball sports are also very popular for real-time betting.

We took a closer look at the business portfolio – to look at the following:

  1. When are the games active?
  2. How many different main games are there?
  3. Are there any special events or tournaments planned?

Live casinos can be made much more flexible than initially thought. Operators therefore always have the option of offering youevents, live bonuses, and tournaments. Also, you can quickly see for yourself that not all vendors have the same base games in their portfolios. Some, for example, don’t play poker at all. And: Not all tables are active 24 hours a day. This is especially true for older versions, which are generally available at set times.

Possible applications and limitations of the endurance test

The point is, youcan’t play for free at a live casino. This means that you should always be prepared to invest at least a certain amount of money. It shows again how well or badly the suppliers are positioned. As we have both beginners and top players among our readers, it was very important for us to accurately test the limits of different live casinos – and not just in gray theory, but also from our own experience. . We should particularly salute the companies which make some of theirgames available live from a stake of 25 cents. But the upper limit is not negligible for real players either. In various casinos you can invest up to 100,000 euros in some cases. So, in theory, every budget is covered.

However, we strongly recommend that you do not place too high a bet. Whether in a live casino, an online casino or a casino: always bet only money which you do not need for your daily life and for which you can accept the theoretical total loss!

In more and more live casinos today, you will find the possibility of rediscovering your favorite games thanks to special versions and extremely attractive side bets.

While less than five years ago it was assumed that there were strong limits, especially in the live gaming industry, we were proven to be wrong. The ingenuity of the developers seems to be out of all proportion and ultimately each technological advancement gives you new possibilities to flourish freely in the live casino.

On the basis of versatility, it is possible for us to give a more or less good rating. The differences between the casinos are still immense today – although in theory, all have the same basic conditions available for other gaming options.

Some live casinos continue to limit themselves to well-known classics in their simple form, while others are putting together a live casino so ingenious that you can save yourself the trip to the real casino. There is little point in dressing up and heading to the casino, as you will be delivered right to your screen.

Thelarge selection of live games is an evaluation criterion to which we attach the greatest importance. However, the quality of the offer must of course also match. If matches are disrupted by interruptions in the exciting moment, this has a negative effect on the rating. Usually, constant blockages of the load, especially during webcam transmission, indicate questionable behavior.

The possibilities of winning in the Live Casino

The point is, live casino games in themselves bring a special level of excitement. After all, the atmosphere can only be partially recreated with digital paintings. Speed ​​and concentration are required for games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker. And: some understanding of strategies can also help you get lucky.

It is precisely because it is often necessary to decide on a bet or a gambling action very quickly that it was important for us to take a closer look at the possibilities of winning. After all, you can lose sight of that aspect even with all this speed.

First of all, of course, you yourself influence the quotas to some extent. This is especially true for roulette in all of its variations, as the stake determines how much you win – provided your tip was correct.

In order to be able to study odds and opportunities, you need to know the basic games at least approximately and familiarize yourself a little with the common rules beforehand. With the special versions, there are additional odds, which of course will be explained to you in more detail at good live casinos.

Information about live casino games – interesting facts:

There is no real difference between live casinos in terms of the odds of winning. Take the example of roulette. There, the odds are fixed according to the chosen bet.

Smaller spreads can only be seen in special and extra bets of certain versions of roulette. The same is ultimately true of all classic casino games that are offered live.

Just like the winning odds, the payback odds are usually almost identical. The casino itself has no influence on the outcome of a game round. Unlike digital games, it is not the generators that decide whether or not the table is successful, but rather actual luck.

The performance of the casino is a gauge of whether things are going really well at the end of the day. If there is interference in the transmission at the most important times, it is often not a good sign. Of course, casino operators are not omnipotent and server issues cannot be put in their place. However, if such interruptions occur regularly, absolute caution is required.

The speed of play of course always depends a little on the live casino and its dealers. Normally there are also very clear rules. But especially at special tables for beginners, you are often given a little more time to choose your stake. If speed is required, the dealer must ultimately follow that speed.

In order for a live casino to be rated positively, you should always take a look at thestaff at the tables. Serious companies must have experienced and trained staff. Our experience has shown that this is not always the case.

Technology should also not be relegated to the background of all other criteria. Speed ​​is not only expected of croupiers and dealers at the gaming tables, but also servers and webcams. Aclean transmission of thestudios, which are usually rented specifically for this purpose, must be guaranteed.

Live casino providers can achieve good results if they provide interested parties with rough information before they register – especially regarding possible live bonus promotions, events, and, last but not least, betting limits applicable to different tables. This makes it easier for participants to get a first impression and make a sensible decision based on it.

If you have any questions, please ask below!