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Importance of Polyethylene

We have so many things around us that make our lives easy. The irony however is that we end up taking these for granted most of the time. One of the commonly available and abused substances in our daily lives is polythene. We use this substance in many products and finding alternatives for these polythene products is almost impossible. We shall discuss the importance of polythene in this article.

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Imagine if you had to carry water that will suffice your travel every time you stepped out of your house. This is because you did not have mineral water bottles anywhere. Even the water that you carried had to be in a mud vessel or a steel container. Life would seem difficult right. Now imagine in hospitals nurses would wash the vessel in which they would store the glucose or blood and reuse them for other patients. Scary, right? All of this would have probably come true had there not been the invention of polythene.

Prior to the invention of polythene people used materials like paper, wood, steel and clay to make storage devices. These were useful but bulky and had to be preserved and kept safely for reusing. Polythene, also known as polyethylene has made the concept of use and throw extremely popular. Polythene is made from the atoms of carbon and hydrogen. It was invented by a Greek scientist in error while he was experimenting something else. Well sometimes accidents get you good things in life.

There are different types of polythene such as low density, high density and linear low density polythene. There are some processes or methods that are done on the polythene to create products from it.

Uses of Polyethylene

  • Film Making method – This method is used to make things such as milk carton lining which is extremely important to keep your milk preserved. Shopping plastic bags and food packaging plastics are also made from polythene using this process. Many polyethylene suppliers use this process to create products.
  • Injection molding process – This method is used to create more robust things to help in storing and caring other things. The most commonly made products from this method are bowls and buckets. Something that every household will have. Crates and dustbins of various sizes are also made from this process.
  • Blow molding process – Many polyethylene suppliers use this method to create twistable and flexible polythene products. Squeezable ketchup bottles, drums and detergent bottles are some examples of this kind of polyethylene products. Some medicinal bottles are also made with this method.
  • Process of extrusion – This method is used make bigger products. Flexible water pipes as well as cable jacketing are made with this process. Major water pipes of various capacities made with this process.


We have seen a number of things that can be manufactured because of polythene in its various forms. Just go back and have a look at different polyethylene produces that we use to add basic luxury to our lives. All of these just prove to want extent polythene has become a part of our daily routines.

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