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Implementing Mice Control Barriers

It is annoying when you discover that you have mice inside your home. Often they scurry around undetected and you only suspect that there may be a ghost or a significant other tiptoeing around your premises. That is until you start finding droppings and noticing bite marks from the mice gnawing away for food. Sometimes you can be unlucky with having a mice infestation in your home. It can often be brought on by your lifestyle habits. We've provided some tips that you can use to overcome the game of cat and mouse, should you experience mice running around your home.


If your place isn't clean, you are keeping mice keen!

The first thought for prevention is your home's cleanliness. Is the cleanliness lifestyle from your home attracting unwanted guests? Mice and rats thrive on available food and water sources that are available within your home. You can take action with mice control baits, however if you are attracting mice with accessibility to food sources within your home, then the problem is likely to continue. Take preventative measures by completely closing garbage bags and cleaning traces of food scraps in and around the home. Also, consider installing screens to vents and chimneys, sealing exterior doors, storing food in airtight containers and sealing holes and cracks outside of the home.

Does your household provide mice and rats with a hospitable environment?

We're all for you having a happy home, as long as the rodents stay away. Rodents will typically invade spaces within the home such as roof attics, basements, kitchens, bathrooms and even under the house! Assess these areas for any potential food and water sources that may be attracting the rodents and identify any places of shelter in these areas.

Take out the guessing game of Marco Polo and get strategic with baiting and treatment systems to eradicate rodents from your home


Getting rid of rodents can be stressful, as you tend to hear noises and see shadows passing by, rather than being able to identify the exact source of the problem. It does become a real game of ‘cat and mouse'. It becomes more frustrating when all you can do is find their leftover droppings and where they have been eating food from your cupboard and food storage places. One of the best treatments for rodent control is by undertaking regular baiting treatments to eradicate the rodent problem and to prevent further re-infestation.

Rodents are a threat to your health and safety. Take preventative action!

Rodents are known to carry diseases and contaminate food. Additionally, they gnaw on anything. If you hear them nesting in places around your home, you may find them gnawing on your pipes, cables and your heat or air conditioning ducting. The additional damage that they cause to your home may lead to additional unforeseen repair costs. Many Australian homes suffer water and fire damage because of rodent activity within the home. If you do suspect that you have rodents, it is advised that you have an inspection and follow through with a treatment plan, should a rodent problem be confirmed.


Rodent infestation can be a headache. But the health and safety risks that come with a rodent infestation are a real concern for your home. Should you suspect your home becoming subject to rodent activity, it is recommended that you speak to a rodent treatment specialist. Be sure to listen out for any unusual noises such as squeaks and scurrying movement around your home. And should you sense quick moving shadows, don't choose to ignore it. Investigate it to see if it may lead onto bigger issues. Avoid the cat and mouse game and take preventative and manageable actions towards rodent control in your home.

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