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If You Are the Owner of a Piano… and Want to Move to a New Apartment

playing-pianoLife flows and changes rapidly, especially it is noticeable in large cities. However, some things still remain a constant value, and one of them is education, which is of a great value now as it was many years or even centuries ago. Earlier, good education meant knowledge of a foreign language and playing a musical instrument. Since then, little has changed.

Knowledge requires both long-term efforts and patience from the student and from the relatives, especially it concerns playing musical instrument. In addition to learning the language, you need a lot of different books, and to learn to play a musical instrument you have to buy it and install at home. If the choice of your child fell on the piano, then you have to go through a series of troubles and turmoil until the instrument will be delivered and set up on the allotted space. And then, you decided to move to another city or state, and again you need to transport the valuable but oversized instrument with you. The number of unpleasant moments will depend on whether you decide to move the piano alone or with specialists from a moving company.

If you are the owner of a piano and started the move to a new apartment, of course, you want to bring your favorite musical instrument with you. And you have to solve a rather complicated task of transporting it. Especially if you live on the upper floors of high-rise buildings. The weight and dimensions of these instruments are so large that they cannot be put in an ordinary elevator. Do not forget that during transport it is necessary to ensure the preservation of the appearance of the instrument. Even a casual stroke can cause irreparable harm, not only to the surface, but also to the sound.

However, in reality, the transportation of the piano should not be any difficulty for you. After all, you can use the services of a moving company, whose specialists are perfectly familiar with the methods of transporting heavy and goods with outsize dimensions. Yes, it is hard to get down the piano from the tenth floor by the stairs, taking care of keeping it safe and sound. And it may be a very complex organization to carry the piano from the sixth floor window. However, it will be, as they say, not your problem. Let professional movers take care of everything to ensure the transport, required number of loaders and equipment, packaging materials, and others. You just have to take care only about how to dial the number of a moving company and to appoint a convenient time for your transportation.

Transportation of heavy instruments such as pianos with professionals, runs much faster and better. A novice will long look how to approach to this event, will calculate all the possible options, but a skilled loader will use the experience and skills in a few minutes. Therefore, you will not have to spend all day on the difficult task of transporting the instrument.

Especially important is the professional approach in cases where the houses have no freight elevators and floors for lowering and lifting are quite high. Workers of a moving company for such cases, as a rule, have the necessary accessories (straps, sleds, etc.) and well-established pattern of actions. Professionals should be invited without any hesitations when the piano is to be carried out in cases where tilting of the room and corridors lined with furniture or stairs are too narrow.

Do not forget that this kind of cargo is carried in specially equipped vehicles. So you may not worry about the appearance and content of the instrument, which is impossible in cases where transportation is provided by friends and relatives. Although you may select the appropriate option for you.

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