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How Travelling Helps You To Meet Your Soulmate

"He's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." –Emily Bronte (English Novelist and Poet)

Are you feeling excited to state this for someone special in the near future? Go the distance and search the one out!

How interesting it is to encounter your soulmate while you are wandering down the lane. There are several stories of ‘road romance'; some endearing, some poignant, some cute, and the list is never-ending. Noticed a girl who smiled at you traveling in the same train coach or you might have observed a "cute chocolate boy" sitting next to you in the same flight. It's the meeting of two energies that create the difference-‘a spark', which is fascinating.Meet Your Soulmate

What If You Sneak-Out of the House For a Train Journey!
Pissed off and leaving the house furtively and stealthily? And have made all the plans for a long train journey? May the opportunity has knocked the door when you are about to meet your life partner or we can say your very own soul mate. (Imagine) You are sitting in the train and suddenly you realize that someone is gazing at you. Your feet got stuck, your hair tangle with every lashing breeze of the wind. It's just like a fresh dawn, an open road, the road of life with no destination (as if you care!).

How About Flying Abroad
You never know when love takes the flight! He is the one with whom you connected on a deep soul level. She is the one with whom you can feel the fire. He is actually your soulmate as he is the true love you have been longing for. And here it is! During the course of your traveling, you both share a sense of strong affinity, values, tastes and the top of the list is- ‘a romantic bond'! Sailing the seven seas and found your soul mate!

It's A Daily Commute: Another Modern-Day Fairytale
Even in the hustle-bustle of your daily up-down when you are busy noticing the sights you are seeing, you can find you "prince charming". Basically, all you do is that you focus on the experiences of your journey (be it short or long) and this is what travel actually means. And then, suddenly you exchange glances with someone and feel that you have known each other from lifetimes. Maybe it's just a fleeting encounter with her or she is a significant part of your “happily ever after” story. Maybe tomorrow is the day when you might experience this going to the office!

And There are Casual Outings
All set for a family vacation to a long route! May be this is the time you are going to meet your better half. Timing is everything when it comes to meet your ‘significant other'. It does not matter that you are surrounded by all your cousins and are under the vigilance of your elders- when it's the right time, it's the right time! It is the synching up of two individual lives facing to build something enduring. You may come across someone who will create an impression in your life or the conversation you share may help each one of you in a positive manner. And there, you have found the soulmate reflecting you in the other!

Therefore, there is no denial that there are full-fledged chances of meeting soulmates while you are traveling. You are not far away from justifying this quote of some wise man who writes,

And then my soul saw you and it kind of went "Oh there you are. I've been looking for you."

Open your sense, put out your feelers and listen to your gut feelings, instinctive impulses as well as your intuitions. Maybe next time you board the vessel and you may find your love who will decorate your matrimonial home and you both share the joys of matrimony thereafter.

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