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How To Search A Venue For Your Dream Wedding?

WeddingUnarguably, choosing a venue for your dream wedding will be one of the most significant decisions taken by you and your partner. Your choice of venue will invariably influence a lot of other decisions that you will have to make pertaining to your wedding.

Mentioned below is a few key pointers to make your search for a venue easy and hassle-free. Read further to know more.

Before You Start

1. Know how many guests are you expecting
It is imperative to have an approximate guest count in a wedding, since not all venues can accommodate many people all at the same time. Most of the venues will have a minimum guest count, which you need to be aware of prior to doing your bookings. It is of course a good idea to keep your numbers of invitations low as it is easier to add guests more later than deducting them.

2. Finalize the budget
At this stage of your planning, it is vital to plan your budget for the wedding. To start with, do your primary research and find out the on going rates of your desired venues. Look into the online venue directories too, as that will give you a fair idea on the prices and other relevant details. Sit with your partner and fix a range that you can afford, and ensure that you don’t spend more than 50 per cent of your total wedding budget on a venue. It is a good idea to opt for smaller weddings instead of bigger and fatter weddings as they will help you feel less stressed, let alone to aid in saving money. A few of the long island wedding venues for small weddings are worth checking out.

Choosing A Venue

1. Have a vision
Clearly, the venue will play a significant role in creating an overall look of your wedding. Therefore, be very sure of how you want the place to feel and look like. One of the best advice that wedding planners usually give their clients is, “look for a venue that makes you feel like coming home”. Your choice of venue should inevitably make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and pleasant.

2. Explore the varied choices
It is a good idea to explore a couple of options before choosing your preferred venue. Try to identify your unique style in the process of selecting a venue. For instance, know what colours you like, is there a particular theme that you want your venue to showcase, are you more an indoor or an outdoor person, do you prefer more of pristine and traditional touches or are you more inclined towards contemporary and polished looks, and so forth.

Thankfully, you are likely to find a myriad of options suitable to your distinct taste. The point is, know what you want in your venue!

3. While visiting the venues
Once you have shortlisted a couple of suitable venues, it’s time now to visit those venues in person. Of course, it is a daunting process and it requires a lot of patience and good time management skills; however, it is all worth it.

When visiting the venues, ensure that you pay mindful attention to various specific details, like how the bathrooms are, air conditioning or heating conditions, where are all the power sockets situated for your music and lighting requirements, and so forth.

4. Speak to the venue manager
It is important to note that you don’t directly settle down for a venue because it simply fits your budget. There are plenty of things that you need to consider before nailing down the venue for your dream wedding. Always, and always make it a point to speak to a venue manager to understand the venue properly.
Ask questions pertaining to costs. For instance, ask the manager about if the taxes are included in the overall price or not. In addition, what are the refund policies in case of a cancellation?

It is also vital to ask about the suppliers, whether they have in-house suppliers that they insist on being used or can you get your own supplier from the outside?

Ensure that you have a point of contact in your planning process and also at the time of your wedding. You should have someone present in the venue at the time of your wedding just in case if you need them for anything.

5. Don’t forget the weather conditions and special requirements
Lastly, but most importantly, make sure you keep in mind the weather forecast of your big day. The weather plays a crucial role, especially if you are planning to host a wedding in the outdoors. In fact, you should speak to your venue manager regarding the facilities that can be availed in case of bad weather. Besides, you can also let your guests know about some essentials such as a hat or sunglasses that they can bring in case of an emergency.

Also, sometimes, venues have inflexible rules and regulations. It is your job to consider those restrictions and select the venue accordingly. For instance, if there is alcohol going to be served, make sure that the bar services are licensed. In case you have disabled guests, vegetarian or vegan folks coming in, ensure that all their needs are well sufficed.

Final Words

The nightmare begins when you run late in booking your venue. Therefore, avoid procrastinating, and finalize the details as soon as you are done comparing. If any particular venue fits your taste and bills, call and confirm your reservation by offering a deposit. Don’t wait too much!

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