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How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill in New York

If you have entered the money-saving mode, because you are trying to buy something expensive, or because you need more money in general, then you should know that there are a lot ways to save some extra cash on your electricity bill. In order to lower your electricity bill, you’ll need to change your habits a bit, invest in some equipment, and find a cheaper source of electricity.

It is not too much trouble, but you’ll need to become a bit more organized. Here you will find a few really useful suggestions that will help you significantly reduce your electricity bills. Some of these suggestions might require you to spend some extra cash first, but in the long run you’ll be able to save a lot more. So here are some tips on how to reduce your electricity bill in New York.

Switch your supplier

New York is known as an electricity-deregulated state, just like Texas, Ohio, and Illinois for example. In other words, there are many electricity providers in these states, and you have the freedom to choose the most reliable and budget-friendly option.

Many of the New York City residents have already made the switch to alternative suppliers, and you can do the same, just make sure you compare energy rates of the available suppliers and discover which one has the best bargain.

This is the best way to start saving on electricity, since you can reduce your bill by up to 20%, depending on who your current supplier is. On the other hand, you might already be using the most budget-friendly solution, but it is good to check and be sure.

Energy saving items


Another really good way to save a lot of money on electricity bills is to buy energy saving products. These items cost a bit more, but they are much healthier for the environment and they also consume less energy.

For example, energy saving bulbs last a lot more, they provide a better source of light, and they use less electricity. So, you won’t have to change these light bulbs as often, and they will pay for themselves only after a month of regular use.

A slightly more expensive gadget you could get is a tankless heater. There will be no need to heat up the water before showering any more, since the water will be instantly heated as it passes through the heater. This is a really expensive gadget, and it won’t even out the expense as quickly the as light bulbs, but it is far more convenient to use, there will always be warm water, and it saves money on electricity.

Finally, you can buy solar panels. They are also expensive, but they significantly reduce electricity bills and they make your property value a lot higher, so it is an amazing purchase overall.

Find out when you can get a discount

Once you have selected a different company as an energy provider, you need to know when you can get a discount on electricity. Every company has these non-peak hours, and during this time you are charged a lot less for using electricity. Usually this is after 08:00 pm, but you need to check with your company to know for sure.

Make sure to do most of the tasks that use up a lot of energy during these hours, e.g. wash your laundry, or turn on the water heater, in case you don’t switch to the tankless version, and use the heating system, in the event you are using electric heaters to keep the place warm. You should also use the clothes dryer during non-peak hours, but if it is warm outside, don’t use it at all, simply leave your laundry outside to dry.

Make sure you are not losing heat


Lastly, if you have a HVAC system in your home and rely on electricity to keep the place cool or warm, you need to ensure your home has quality insulation. It is important to ensure that you are not losing heat or that your place does not get too hot during summer. So, check your walls, doors and windows, and call a handyman to ensure that your house temperature is easily maintained.

These were some of the best tips to save money on electricity bills. It may seem like you will have to buy some expensive products or services at first, but if you don’t, you will only continue to waste funds that you could have saved for something more important.

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