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How to Recover Deleted Photos from a Memory Card

rrwf2ewrqAnyone who owns a mobile phone, a digital camera or even some type of computer knows that there are external devices that you can store files on and these are used, usually for one of two reasons. Sometimes they are used to back up files as a precaution against accidental file loss and other times they are used because the internal memory isn't sufficient to store all the data you need.

What happens if you are using a memory card and somehow all those photos you had stored on it got deleted? Sometimes it is the malicious act of a hacker and other times it's just a stupid mistake. You hit ‘delete all' or ‘reformat' and all those wonderful memories are gone! If you want to recover those photos, here is some information that just might prove helpful now as well as in the future.

Types of Memory Cards

For our purposes here, we are talking about one of two types of memory cards that are referred to as an SD card or a micro SD card. These are those little cards that look a lot like those floppy disks way back in the day that we used in A Drive (typically!) and they stored a tiny bit of information. Well, those days are gone so these tiny little memory cards can hold infinitely more information than those floppy disks! If you have a mobile phone, chances are you are familiar with those teeny tiny micro SD cards that go in an adapter when moving files between your computer and your phone.

File Recovery Software

Now then, on to the important stuff. When those cards get erased you might be in a state of panic. All the kids pictures are on there that you took at their school play and there is no way to ever get them back because you never moved them to your computer and you never had the printed. Or is there a way? Actually, you will be happy to know that there is such a thing as SD card file recovery software that has the ability to recover those photos. It was especially written to put the files back together so the device (and your computer) can recognize them as pictures. Wonderful technology, isn't it?

Types of Files Which Can Be Recovered

While you may be using that file recovery software primarily for the photos you want to recover, the software can actually recover other types of files as well. Sometimes we store programs, documents and other types of information on SD and micro SD cards so you don't want to lose that either. The software was developed in such a way as to be able to recognize the coding, piece it back together and the file is restored to its original format.

There may be some files which are unrecoverable, but for the most part, you will get all those pictures back so that you can move them to safer grounds or print hard copies. To prevent another loss of data, you might want to back them up on your hard drive or put them in cloud storage on a server that is secure. Keep your file recovery software in a safe place. You never know when you may need it again.

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