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How to prepare for your next B2B Exhibition

B2B Exhibition

Exhibitions and trade shows are perfect opportunities to showcase your brand, launch new products, attract new customers and network. They are a very traditional form of marketing but still work very well in helping smaller companies get a space to show off who they are and why customers should use them. It's also perfect for bigger companies to exhibit at and suss out the competition, as well as retain their industry hold and market share.

So how do you prepare for your next event? There is a lot to think about and to help reduce stress, it's a good idea to prepare as far in advance as possible. There are many common mistakes people make at exhibitions (read a few here), so you'll want to ensure you give your company the best possible chance of success. Otherwise, you'll be wasting a whole lot of money and time.

Indeed, it is possible to book your next exhibition space at the event itself the year prior. You will want to get a good spot - so make sure you think carefully about footfall and exhibition space. Here you'll find a good plan for choosing the best exhibition space.

After you have your space booked, you'll need to consider the design of your booth. Where will you put the logo on the backdrop? What colours will you use? Do you have space for chairs, or a coffee spot for potential clients to have a chat with you? If you're not sure about your exhibition design, Nimlok provide advice when it comes to their exhibition stand hire. They can assist with the design of your booth to get you noticed and users engaged, worth checking out if you're serious about your display advertising.

Of course, there are other practicalities such as travel, hotel and marketing materials. But one aspect of the exhibition that you really do need to focus on is the business aims and objectives behind it. It is wise to have regular meetings with your team, especially those who will staff the stand, before and in the lead up to the event. This allows you to get all on board about who your main audience is, how you will attract customers (i.e. will you have an introductory offer?) and what your objectives are. For example, do you want to attend the exhibition to spread brand awareness? If so, how do you intend to measure this? Do you want to launch a new product? If so, you may want to measure how many sales you have secured after the event, or how many contact details you have to follow up.

Remember that incorporating social media into your next exhibition is a great idea. Get people aware of your Facebook page, ask them to follow you on Twitter, and mention your social media handles on every piece of marketing material you have.

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