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How To Increase Your Gmail Security In 2015 For Newbies

Since 2010, Gmail has become the top email service ever existed because of its user-friendly features. However, despite of what email service you are registered to, it is every company's responsibility to keep all accounts at its safest and protected state, away from hackers, fraud and scammers.


According to most users, Gmail is by far the most convenient and safest email service due to its strict access settings and up-to-date internet protection, thanks to Google! As a user, it is also our responsibility to take care of our personal account and gmail.com login information and also to understand some of Gmail's email setting so that we will be able to fully utilize what Gmail offers us.

1.Allow the Two-Factor Confirmation

This is not only applicable to your Gmail account but also to your other personal accounts. Keep in mind to always "allow" the two-step confirmation on your Gmail so that when someone knows your email id and password, they are still not able to get through your account from other devices unless by using confirmation digits.

You, however, can come up with your own digits for your smartphone. Just make sure to not let anyone get the hold of your smartphone and obtain the digits. In case of emergency, always prepare for plan B (or even C!) such as putting up backup digits if you lose your smartphone. Well, let's just hope not!

2.Observe Your Log Activity

You can simply check the recent activity in your Recent Activity page. From there, check out your history from what you have been doing to what devices was you using. You know yourself! You can immediately identify suspicious activity that does not come from you or your device. If you noticed such things, it is possible that your account might have been hacked and it is time to change your password - I mean, immediately.

3.Review Your Sites

You can easily find the settings button of you Gmail on top-right angle. Take time to review your settings once in a while to check if there is something unusual in it.

Try to check your filters and forwarding settings because most likely hackers reset this option and send plenty of messages to your contacts and ask for cash or solicitations. Another thing to check is your password, any settings that is associated with your finances, confidential things about work and so on.

4.Watch Out for Account Authorizations

It is inevitable that we sometimes apply for new apps or services and noticed that you often get notification of authorization to link with your personal email. For situation like this, it is best for you to review their services before even agreeing to share your personal information.

To keep it safer, you can always set up the account authorization according to your preferences in Google Account Settings. For more information you can also check out on Google official site and learn more about Google's privacy settings and security options.

If you have any questions, please ask below!