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How to Increase Life Expectancy

Healthy-LivingMany people think that how long they live doesn’t depend on them. Well, it does, and much more than you would think. Our lifestyle, work, habits, what we eat, how we eat, how we sleep… These are all factors that influence our life expectancy. Some major fatal conditions are caused by our habits and not by genetics, nature or God (which ever you prefer). No matter at what age you are at the moment, it is never too late to start looking after yourself and to take responsibility. What is the point of working too hard to get money when you are not going to be around long enough to spend it? In this article, I will try to show you what things affect you in a bad way and what you can do as an alternative.


Let's start with what you eat. Living in modern times requires hard work and devotion to your job. In this process, many people forget to eat proper food, and switch to fast food (junk food), which is bad for our cardio vascular systems, contains high fat and low nutrition, can cause obesity… do I need to go on? No matter how much time you have during the day, it is important to organize yourself well and to eat some real, cooked food. Eating vegetables of various colors is very healthy because every color represents a vitamin that you need. Also, cut down on eating meat, especially when you are on a break from your work. Meat is hard to digest and will make you tired and unable to work properly. Add more fruits to your nutrition, eat regularly (three times a day) and don't get stuffed before going to bed.


Not taking care of your hygiene can be the cause of various diseases, infections and if not momentarily-it will certainly shorten your life expectancy in the long term. Shower regularly, since this way, you will wash away all the bacteria and residues of filth from your body, which can lead to infections. Wash your hands before meals and food preparation, after using the toilet. Oral hygiene is very important because, if not attended properly, it can lead to gum inflammation and the destruction of your teeth. Brush your teeth regularly (in the morning and before bed). Flossing is something what most people neglect. Brushing your teeth cannot remove all the food that is stuck between them, and that's why you should floss your teeth. Regularly visit your dentist and doctor for routine checkups, and if you know that you have some sort of health problem, tend to it as soon as possible.

Bad habits

People who drink alcohol, smoke, don't work out and don't sleep regularly, are three times more likely to die from a cardiovascular disease and four times more likely to get cancer. Smoking is bad for your lungs, it reduces appetite, can cause bad breath and bad teeth. Smoking also costs money, so get rid of this disgusting habits before it's too late. Drinking can lead to alcoholism; cause liver failure, dehydration and chronic tiredness. You should not drink alcohol more than once a week and when you do, try not to overextend yourself. Drink a glass or two and that's it. Physical activity is good for the body as well as for the mind. Two or three times a week, go to the gym or do sports like basketball, football, volleyball, etc. If you are not into any of these, try running. Healthy sleep is very important because, in the process of sleeping, your brain and body gets rested and regenerated. When you work out, your muscles grow when you sleep and not by day. Regular bedtime with 7 to 9 hours of sleep is enough to wake up rested and fresh. Many people make a mistake by thinking that the longer you sleep, the better you will fell. This is wrong and I don't recommend you do this.

Follow this advice closely for your longer life expectancy. But don't overdo it, for example, if you work out too often, this may have negative effects. Don't follow all of these I have told you blindly, but see how much your body can take and adjust yourself the way it suits you the most.

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