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How to improve concentration?

Our level of concentration translates directly into our efficiency, which further defines the performance of our daily tasks and the final result. If we are people who are easily distracted and find it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand, our development will suffer. In this article, we will try to give you a few tips on how you can increase your daily concentration. Remember, however, that each of us has certain periods in our life when we will not be able to concentrate despite our most sincere intentions. That period simply has to wait. However, we encourage you to read.

1. Lower blood sugar

As the classic says, we are what we eat. In reality, few of us realize to what extent our diet influences our daily functioning. If we are people who regularly consume products that contain large amounts of sugar, it should not surprise us that our bodies react negatively to the foods we provide. The increase in the amount of sugar in our blood will give us a large dose of energy, and although this may seem like a positive trait in the short term, it turns out that the caloric surplus has negative effects on our thought processes, decision making rational decisions and in our daily concentration. It will be much more difficult for us to get down to work and perform certain tasks consistently.

2. Set tasks carefully

No one is capable of acting effectively if they don’t really know what their goal is. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t see results despite your hard work, you may need to consider whether the path you’ve chosen is the wrong one. Too often, we find ourselves wasting time on tasks that don’t have much of a result or have no impact on what we want to achieve as a result. Therefore, we must always have a definite goal and a path to that goal. Let’s establish an action plan and the steps we must take at each stage of its execution. This way we will know exactly what phase we are in and what we should focus our attention on. This will increase our efficiency and allow us to achieve the desired results at the cost of less effort.

3. Start meditating

For years there has been a growing interest in the subject of meditation and the effects of its practice on our body and mind. Studies clearly indicate that regular meditation improves our concentration and allows us to make decisions more quickly. Meditation itself is not complicated at all. Contrary to what we see in movies, we don’t have to sit in a perfect lotus position somewhere on top of a high mountain. Meditation is mostly about calming our thoughts and focusing on one thing, like breathing or counting to ten. However, it requires some persistence on our part, since the effects of our meditations are often postponed, so we can quickly become discouraged by the lack of visible results after the first few sessions. Nevertheless, we must be interested in the subject of meditation. We will discuss this topic in more detail in a future article.

4. Organize your environment

There is no need to fool yourself. If your environment is a real mess, don’t be surprised that you find it difficult to work effectively. If we want to be able to focus on our activities, there should be no things in our environment that distract us unnecessarily. Putting things in order around us will save us time to look for the things we need at that moment. Let’s try to have as few objects as possible in places visible to us that are completely unnecessary for the development of our tasks. There should be nothing on our desk that distracts us from our work. In any case, this rule does not apply only to the room where we carry out our tasks and to everything with which we are in contact. We must also maintain order on our computer screen, telephone, or mailbox.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleep is extremely important in our lives. Despite living in a modern society, we are all too often taught that time spent sleeping is wasted time. The truth, however, is completely different. Healthy sleep is the foundation of our well-being. If we are sleepy, it is much easier for us to start doing the necessary tasks and our level of concentration is much higher than in a situation of sleep deprivation, when our body demands its due rest. Therefore, despite the temptation to add a few more hours of activity to the day in this way, we must not do it at the cost of adequate sleep. In addition, we must ensure that our rest is of the highest possible quality. Let’s try to make the bed we sleep in really comfortable. Let’s get rid of all the bedroom gadgets that regularly disturb our sleep. Let’s take care of the right temperature and amount of air in the room. This way we will get our body more rested and it will be easier for us to concentrate on our activities.

6. Multitasking or focusing on a single objective

This topic has evolved quite a bit in recent years. Until recently, the most popular term in the topics of personal development and productivity was multitasking. It has focused on how we can combine different activities to manage our time in the most optimal way possible by doing several activities simultaneously. For example, if we are exercising we can listen to podcasts at the same time. On the way to work, we can listen to audiobooks, etc. However, in recent years it has been observed that even though we do more in a given amount of time this way, the quality of the work we do and the benefits we get from it are degrading. For this reason, more and more people choose to change their way of working to a single purpose at a time. In this way, we perform fewer tasks, but the quality of our work is much higher. In our opinion, it is worth using both techniques. The most important thing is to ask yourself what you really want to achieve at all times. If we have little time and the results of our work are not going to be particularly fine, then multitasking is the best solution in this case.

In conclusion, we hope that reading this article has allowed you to manage your concentration more easily. Which makes the tasks you perform more efficient. If you want to learn a little more about the topics of productivity and personal development, then we encourage you to read our other articles available on our site.

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