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How to get the perfect work-life balance

A dream to do 9-hours job while leading your personal life can make your life like the juggling balls. This dream divides your attention and focus which not only disturb your career but also create problems in the relations due to work fatigue. In the world where earning money has become the most important thing, people forget the source of real happiness which is the love of the relations. That is the reason why no one wants to talk or concerned about maintaining the work-life balance.

And the same reason made me write this article because, in this article, I have compiled many ways through which you cannot only maintain the balance in life but can also give your wellbeing a boost along with your career.

Learn company policies:

Most of the time, the manager or the team leads doesn’t tell you everything about the policy so they can get maximum work from you. This politics from the management not only make your job glum but also disturbs your personal life. That is the reason why experienced people suggest to dig in the policies of your employer himself to know about every right and facility which company provides you.


No one is going to serve you your rights on your table. You have to take it by communicating with the management. If you want some days off or have to go home early on any day, you should inform this to your team lead or manager so they can arrange any alternative and you don’t have to cancel your plans due to your work.

Learn to say “No”:

You are a human, not the machine who doesn’t have any other things to do. You should have your say while getting any job which is why it is important to say “No” if your boss asks you to do some extraneous work. It keeps your routine light and also allows you to complete your tasks on time and then spend some time with your loved ones.

Avail the benefits:

There is no point in not availing the benefits that employer provides you. If you have any paid leaves, then you should avail it so you can spend this time with your friends and family.

Feel no guilt:

Missing any party or soccer match doesn’t end your personal life. You had attended many parties and will attend more so stop feeling guilty about it. Your work through which you earn is much more important to any 90 minutes soccer game or 3 hours party.


People thinks that daydreaming is the trait of slacks. But the psychologists have something different approach on this. Many psychologists claim that daydreaming is the best way to take out some time from work and think about all the good and positive things of your life which for some moments can make you happy. If you don’t allow yourself to get such moments, you will become too burned out.

Forget about perfection:

Even the Superman has weaknesses than how you can be perfect. There is no need to try to be a perfect because you just cannot be. In achieving the perfection, you would either sacrifice your personal life for work or would become the martyr in your career. Keep trying to maintain the balance of your work-life by adhering these points.

Enjoy the small things:

If you want to be happy in whatever you are doing, start enjoying the little things that come in your way. If you are getting free coffee at the office, enjoy this moment. If your uber dropped you home ten minutes earlier than usual, make the most out of these ten minutes and enjoy. Finding happiness is the key to being happier when you get some real big reason to be happy.

Usage of Technology:

Technology meant to make our lives easier, but this is the one who is making our lives uncomfortable. You should be very precise in using the technology if you want to maintain balance in your work and personal life. You should try not to use mobile phones or any social media network that can distract you from your job. When you are with your family or hanging out with your friends, you should not even touch your laptop or make sure to log out your email account from your smartphone before leaving the office chair.

Final Words:

These all points are the general guidelines which can only help you achieving the perfect work-life balance. You have to set your own goals and create a routine which would make you able to achieve the goals. The important key to achieving the perfect balance is to ignore all the shoulds. Accept no “should” that can disturb any of your life either work or personal. The more you start listening to your intuition the more you would be able to balance your life.

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