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How to Fight Boredom and Laziness

First of all, we highly doubt you get a lot of spare time to find activities or hobbies in a highly-advanced environment. But on the rare occasion when you do find yourself with an abundant amount of spare time, what you can do is make up a schedule and consume that scheduled time to pick up some hobbies.

Let’s say you’re in school and you have summer break ahead of you. We know that you are already under the stress of saving money to pay for your education. We also understand that you have many other things to worry about, but that is just a part of the routine. You want to do something fun; something to talk about when your vacation ends, because you know that once you return back to your academic life, you will hear everybody else talk about what they did in their respective breaks.

So in order to make sure you do not waste your time in boredom and a pile of office work, here are a few suggestions:

  • Meditate, Write, and Eat Healthily

You probably have seen people who have gained weight after they return from the holiday break. You might be one of them. That is because holidays are the time we want to be the least careful and responsible. Fun is what we want. You can do the fun part as well as the careless part if you consider our suggestion. While you’re making a dietary plan, keep one “cheat day” where you can eat whatever you want. But try not to get carried away with it. Make sure that you follow a good routine when it comes to your diet. It matters because good health makes for a good mind.

You should also try to schedule a session of meditation every day. If you feel spiritually fresh, you will do everything else in your life much more efficiently. Your mind, body, and soul should be in good harmony in order to let you be best in the best shape possible.

Another thing that you can do is keep a journal or a diary. You have to let all the feelings out on the piece of paper. The reason you should do this is that there are many things that you’re uncomfortable sharing even with a friend. In such moments of doubt, write down your feelings and thoughts. It’s always easier to talk to yourself than to talk to somebody else when things go bad. You have to arrange your thoughts. A piece of paper in such a situation can do wonders. It’s a chance to make a version of yourself with whom you can communicate your fears and problems. This is exactly like calling up a friend and letting them know what’s bothering you. It is always a great experience to vent and throw rants once in a while.

Having said that, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t consider calling up your friends in case something bad happens. If you have a good telephone service, you do not have to worry about spewing endless banters or ranting with a friend. Choose the best services for yourself, so that you don’t lose a good conversation with a friend. You can consider Time Warner cable internet to ensure this never happens.

  • Take up Online Courses, join a gym or learn painting

Nothing compares to the joy of learning any form of art. Either it is painting or learning to play any musical instrument, the experience of learning a skill and knowing that you have talent in your hand surpasses every other feeling accomplishment. Not only do you enjoy the courses during lectures and meeting with hidden talents around your city, you also get to have a skill at the end of the day. What else you can try is joining the gym. Nobody wants fat; nobody wants to look fat for obesity brings sicknesses and diseases. Do not misconstrue this with fat-shaming; we only encourage healthy environment and healthy life. And for this matter, we propose the idea of joining the gym. You need to be physically fit in order to carry out everyday activities. God forbid, if you fall into an accident, the chances of surviving it would increase with better physical health. Also, a gym is a good period to keep oneself off the typical hectic routine. You often make good friends, socialize and learn about what other people are up to. This could be fun.

Then comes the turn of online courses. If going out, managing time to do outdoor activities is difficult for you, you have a chance to take paid or free online courses. You can learn and take up any kind of course you want. You have to look up for relevant sites that offer courses of your interests.

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