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How to extract iPhone text messages from backup

Some people say that with the arrival of messenger apps, SMS or text messaging has taken a back seat. But, that is far from the truth, instead till date whenever we need to send across some important message we prefer the old way of texting. We feel that the message stays much secured that way. The important messages are marked separately and kept in the inbox, so that we can access it whenever we need to do so. Depending on the importance of the message, we tend to sync the iPhone of ours with the iTunes, so that it can store the backup file. The backup file comes in handy, if by any chance we delete the message accidentally from our iPhone. Generally, we store the backup file of the data on our desktop in order to avoid the fear of data loss. However, when you open the backup file you find that the backup file is not readable at all. It is a known fact that for security reasons the files that are saved on the desktop from iTunes cannot be read, but if you want you can restore it with a single click. But, if you feel the need to open the file on your computer only, then what do you do? How do you access the data stored in the message? It is a grave concern for anybody who desperately needs to access the messages that are stored in the backup file. This is where MobiKin Doctor comes into action and helps you to extract iPhone text messages from backup. Though, Apple has made all of this so complicated for the sake of the users only as they want the messages to be completely secured, but it sometimes becomes very annoying. But, not anymore as the software will help you extract the file and help you in reading the message clearly.rfqerfeqr

Using the software correctly

If you have the right software for extracting your SMS, then you will have no problem at all. Instead, just make use of the MobiKin Doctor for iOS and successfully extract the files. In order to get started with the process, you will first have to launch the program and when it starts you will have to choose the option ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File'. When you will do that you will find several devices that have been synced with the iTunes popping up on your screen. From that list, you have to select your iPhone device and then it is time to run the scan. The scanning will take a few minutes, so just wait for the scanning process to end. Once the scanning is complete you will find that the software has pulled up all the backup files on the left side of your screen. As you are looking to extract the message only, therefore, check the message box. The preview option will help you view the complete message in the right panel. If you find the one you are looking for, then hit the Recover button and you will have the message extracted and saved on your desktop.

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