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Windows are the entryway for sunshine and natural light to your house, which is good for minimizing energy bills as you can use natural lighting during the day. Again if you have in-house plants, the only way they access natural light is through your windows which let in sunshine.

As such, taking care of your windows is essential, and that includes cleaning them. It may not be as cringy as scrubbing the toilet bowl, but it can be tedious and tiresome since you have to do it often. Cleaning glass windows is about the tools you use more than the elbow grease involved. But using window cleaning services once in a while saves your windows from dirt buildup over a prolonged period which ultimately makes them easier to clean regularly. Here is a guide on how to clean your windows.

Brush down the dirt from the windows

First, brush off the dust and dirt that has built up on the windows, including the cobwebs, which are more likely if you have not cleaned the windows in a long time. You can use a broom, a dustpan brush, a dusting wand, or any other helpful tool. When cleaning windows, start from the top heading to the bottom. After that, vacuum everything, including the dirt that fell on the window sills and floor.

Use a window detergent to wash.

Use a window detergent to wash the windows beginning from the top windows working your way down. If you do not have some window washing detergent, you can improvise. You can use the regular detergent without foam as the foam will make it hard to wipe the windows streak-free. Use a soft fiber cloth or sponge to clean the windows by rubbing the windows in a smooth circular motion. You can alternatively use vinegar to clean your windows. Mix it with warm water, put it in a sprayer bottle, and spray while rubbing your windows as you would do when cleaning surfaces.

Use a squeegee to dry the window.

You can use a squeegee or a soft sponge to dry the window, but a squeegee is faster and does some good work. However, you need a bit of practice to use the squeegee effectively. You can start from the left side, hold your squeegee to a 45degree on the glass and start snaking your way down in single strokes heading to the right side. A rag comes in handy to wipe the squeegee dry between the strokes.

Wipe the window

After that, use a microfiber towel or cloth to wipe the window dry. This process is necessary to ensure your windows are streak-free. You can also use tissue paper or newspapers. If you notice any marks left on the windows, you can use your microfiber cloth to wipe them. If they don’t come off, repeat the cleaning process.

Clean the sills

You probably have poured water on the window sills and the floor. Since you had already scrubbed them, use a towel to wipe the window sills dry and the floor. From there, move to the outside of the windows are use the same process to clean the exterior.

The takeaway

Be extremely meticulous when cleaning your windows to clean them streak-free. If you can’t seem to get it right, it is best to hire window cleaning services. Plus, if your house has very high windows that are hard to reach, professional window cleaning services can do the hard work for you while taking the needed safety precautions.

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