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A polished concrete floor looks good when it’s new, and that glow can last for many more years as long as you maintain the floor in the best condition. Although concrete floors are very sturdy and durable, that is not to say that they do not need proper maintenance. Proper cleaning methods and maintenance are essential, especially if the floors experience much foot traffic or a commercial floor that withstands heavy use daily.

Daily cleaning

Daily dry mopping is recommended to clean the dust particles attracted to the tiny voids in the polished concrete floor. Although dust may appear to be harmless, it grinds on the polished surface and damages its sheen overtime when it is left to build up. The dust can also cause allergies to the people using the floor daily.

Whenever spills occur on the floor, it is essential to clean them immediately as they can be hard to remove if they stick. That may result in the use of chemical stain removers, which may interfere with the floor’s refined surface.

Weekly cleaning

As long as you dry mop your polished concrete floor daily, weekly wet cleaning is enough to remove all the dirt that has accumulated on the surface that requires water to remove. Use detergent or a PH natural cleaner to suspend the dirt for easy cleaning. With an effective detergent, you don’t even need to use a brush to scrub the floor, which may deteriorate its finish. Working on smaller areas at a time works the magic. Avoid using any cleaning agent that is not PH natural such as bleach, vinegar, and ammonia.

If necessary, you can use an automatic floor scrubber with a non-abrasive pad to avoid scrubbing the floor too hard. That helps clean larger areas. Do not use water only to clean the floor as it leaves more dirt on the floor, which eventually stains or discolors the floor. Ensure you give the cleaning agent enough time to dissolve the dirt particles and suspend them so that you can clean the floor easily.

TIP: Since they do not need waxing or sealing, polished concrete floors from https://policrete.com.au/services/grind-and-seal-finishes/ are the easiest to maintain than the other types of decorative concrete floors. Depending on the level of use or traffic your polished concrete floor withstands, it may need daily and weekly cleaning and yearly maintenance.


The daily and weekly cleaning will maintain your polished concrete floor’s original sheen for many years to come. The maintenance starts by always addressing spills whenever they spill.

Detergent and water are enough to remove the stains and dirt. Ensure you establish a daily and weekly cleaning program to keep the floor in good condition—dry mopping daily and wet mopping at least once a week. Wet mopping even includes using a non-abrasive scrubber to remove dirt effectively.

Renewing the polish of your concrete floor is a personal choice, and it also depends on how the floor looks like. You can renew the polish once or twice a year, depending on its condition to rejuvenate it. Restorative maintenance with a professional is also necessary, depending on the state of your polished concrete floor.

The bottom line

Taking care of your polished concrete floor is worth your time and energy to maintain its sheen for many years to come. Although a polished concrete floor is a no-maintenance floor, cleaning it using the proper ways is one way of enhancing its durability.

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