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How to Choose the Best Golf GPS Device

GolfGolf is still a popular sport worldwide that’s great for the mind and the physique. Whether it’s a casual pastime or competitive activity, golf can be played by anyone, young and old – age and gender no bar. You can’t always afford a caddy to assist you, but it’s a fantastic idea to invest in choosing the right range finder.

Golf rangefinders are of two types, laser range finder and GPS devices. In the laser rangefinder, a beam of light is bounced from the golf ball, and the time taken for its return is measured. This is used to calculate the distance of the golf ball. A Global Position System (GPS) uses satellite network to calculate the distance. Your GPS devices with the help of four or more satellites calculate the distance to each satellite. It narrows down the exact position of the ball with a series of calculation.

In 2000, President Bill Clinton did a favor to his fellow golfers by commercializing the use of GPS technology with American satellites. GPS devices have become a necessity for aspiring and professional golfers. It has evolved from the bulky large device into sleek light handhelds, multifunction wristwatch, and voice-enabled small units that can be attached to your cap.

GPS helps you avoid slowing down while playing, and stay on track. In most places, a GPS is permitted for measuring distance, but not elevation or wind measurement. It’s better to check the usage of golf rangefinders sanctioned by the local rules.

Golf GPS watches –navigation on the go

If distance is all you’re worried about, here’s a device that you’ll absolutely love – the golf GPS watch! It provides the yardage of the hole from anywhere on the golf course. You don’t have to search for it in your bag or cart often, since you’ll always have the GPS watch on you. Experts suggest that you opt for Garmin Approach S6 golf GPS watches for optimal experience. The watch provides accurate yardage to the front, back, and the middle of the green. The automatic time and date feature makes your life hassle-free, so you don’t have to manually set it. The built in alarm is an added feature to make sure you arrive in time for your meetings and other commitments.

Handheld golf GPS system

GPS enables you to have an effective course management, but yardage is the basic need of a GPS device. Some GPS devices provide the distance of additional hazards on every hole. Regular travelers playing golf on different courses should consider the number of courses your GPS device can store. Most GPS devices have the option to store up to 100 courses; you can also download thousands of courses from the manufacturers’ website. The ability to move its position with ease and to calculate the distance from various spots, detailed stats tracking and graphing, aerial imagery are the added features of a handheld GPS device.

Golf GPS applications to suit your smartphone

An equal number of applications are available for iPhone and Android users. Most of the smartphones aren’t waterproof, and might be damaged in harsh weather conditions. The dedicated GPS devices are usually water resistant. These applications tend to drain a lot of your smartphone’s battery. The latest GPS devices have a great deal of power management and extended battery usage on the golf course.

Final verdict

While you shop for GPS devices go for the one that’s easy to use. You want to make your life simple, and in golf, time is rather important. It’s as simple as turning your wrist, and lo and behold! You have all the information you need with the GPS device. Don’t settle for a device that needs you to pay and subscribe on a regular basis. The market has several GPS devices that provide accurate yardage absolutely FREE without an update or subscription. Make the best use of the information available on the internet. Best golf GPSreviews can help you get the right product within your budget.

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