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How to Choose between Electric and Manual Comb Binding Machines

Choosing the right binding equipment can be challenging. It needs to be cost-effective, easy to use and maintain, and practical for your specific application.

Of course, a comb binding machine is still an essential part of any office. If you want to put together a presentation for your staff or to show the company to prospective clients, you need a good presentation. Despite the efficiencies of the digital world, sometimes a physical presentation remains the best and most practical approach.

But, as with most things in life, not all binders are created equal. If you’re in the market for a comb binder you’re going to need to choose between an electric or manual comb binding machine.

Understanding The Difference

The difference is very straightforward. An electric comb binding machine uses power to punch holes in the paper. The number of sheets of paper it can handle will depend on the machine you’ve chosen.

You’ll still need to insert the plastic binder. But, you can then position the sheets and push the button, it will punch the holes and slide the binder into place.

In contrast, if you’re using a manual comb binding machine you’ll need to position the sheets and, while holding them in position, move the lever to punch the holes. You can then carefully slide the plastic comb into position to bind the document.

The main advantage of an electric comb binder is speed and efficiency. The electric binder won’t misalign or miss a hole, a manual one can. In addition, because the electric binder does most of the work, you can be preparing the next batch while it is creating a bound document. That makes the process faster.

However, manual comb binders are generally cheaper and you have more control over the process. That makes them an attractive option.

How To Choose

There are several factors you need to consider before deciding between a manual and an electric comb binding machine.

  • Manufacturer

The first thing you should think about when choosing any piece of equipment is who has manufactured it. This is critical as you want to spend company money on a worthwhile machine, as an investment.

That means you need to choose a manufacturer that you recognize and trust. If you don’t know any of them then it’s a good idea to look at social media, ask family and friends, and even look at online forums.

You simply want to choose a manufacturer that has mainly positive comments said about them. You should know it can be hard to get 100% positive comments.

  • Paper Sizes

A key factor in choosing the machine is how much paper can it handle and what sizes. Electric comb binding machines can generally punch through more than manual ones. You’ll need to think about what size documents you make to ensure the binder you choose is capable of the job.

Don’t forget that not all binders handle different sized pieces of paper, you need to make sure the one you choose will be the most beneficial for you on a daily basis.

  • Cost

Cost is always a factor. Electric comb binders are more expensive than manual ones. While they do have their advantages, you also need to consider what your budget will stretch too. It is often better to get a high-quality manual version instead of a budget electric comb binder. The choice is yours but it does help o decide what you can afford to spend before you start shopping.

  • Activation Option

Manual binders have a lever on the side which allows you to punch the holes when you’re ready. In contrast, an electric binder can have an activation switch on the machine or on the floor. The floor option is often the better choice as it keeps your hands free. However, it makes the machine less portable than a side switch. It’s worth considering.

Of course, you should also spend a moment considering where the binder will be used and how easily it can be plugged in. There is little point in purchasing an electric binder if you have no power for it.

Final Thoughts

A comb binder is a useful addition to any office. Providing you spend a little time considering your options you’ll be able to choose the one that works best for you. They require minimal maintenance and will give you years of high-quality bound documents, making it a great investment.

All you have to do is look and perhaps test the available options before you buy.

If you have any questions, please ask below!