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How to Be an Excellent CEO

yhtyhtyA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is put to the test every day. The decisions he or she make will have huge implications on the company they are leading. This is why only certain individuals are cut out for this type of position. While there is no manual on how to choose a great CEO to lead your company, there are some things you can look for. If you have the dream of one day having the position of CEO, there are some things you can do to make your job a lot easier. There is no question that CEOs with certain skills are more successful than those who lack them. Here is how to be an excellent CEO like Dave Brandon, when he was the leader of Domino’s Pizza.

  1. Maintain contact

One of the things that Dave was really good at was staying in contact with all of the people who worked underneath him. It is important for a CEO to be seen and heard by his or her employees on a regular basis. If a CEO becomes a recluse and avoids contact with all employees except for those closest to him, it could have an adverse impact on employee morale. Therefore, a CEO needs to address his or her staff on a regular basis.

  1. Know how to handle stress

Let’s face it, some people are much better at handling stress than others. If you can’t handle high pressure situations, you will never be able to thrive in a top leadership position. CEOs constantly receive pressure from their board of directors and the shareholders of the company. If the company experiences a few down quarters, the job of the CEO may be at stake. A CEO must be able to block out these things and focus on making decisions in the best interests of the company.

  1. Delegate responsibility

Even an amazing CEO cannot perform every task at the company they are in charge of. Many CEOs start running into trouble when they have a hard time delegating responsibility. Instead, they prefer to micromanage and remain hands-on, making decisions on small details that could easily be handled by someone else. Constantly dealing with these small details takes their attention away from the big things that really matter. Therefore, a CEO must be able to determine what decisions he or she should make, and what decisions should be handled by other employees.

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