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How to Avoid Terrible Tasting Coffee While You’re Travelling

Good news for coffee lovers who love to travel: You don't have to sacrifice your ideal cup of joe for a weak gasoline station brew while on the go.

If you’re the type that needs to have your brew exactly the way you want, whenever and wherever you want, here are a few suggestions on travel-friendly coffee makers that will keep bad tasting transit coffee out of your life once and for all.

Try a Travel-Friendly French Press (a Travel Press)

The French press requires no electric plugs, no fancy buttons and knobs-perfect for coffee addicts who have to hit the road. Most French presses are made of glass and stainless steel, and while this design works for a cafe or at-home brewing setting, it’s not ideal for travel.

Thankfully, in response to the growing number of coffee lovers who need their brew-on-the-go, travel presses are now available. Glass is replaced with stainless steel, and portability is reinforced with vacuum sealing and a non-skid rubber base. At a 12 oz. size, the French press/travel press surely packs easy and light for the coffee addict who'd be out and about for days.

Go Light and Simple with a Manual Drip Coffee Maker

If you're a coffee fiend who appreciates a quick yet quality black coffee on the go, a manual drip coffee maker is a must-have in your backpack. There’s an exciting range of drippers you can use. However, the current crowd-pleasing favorites are the Hario V60 and Kalita Wave.

Another good option is the GSI Outdoors Collapsible ‘Java-Drip’ Slim Drip Coffee Maker, which you just have to rest atop any mug or container with a #4 filter, and get to the brewing process right away. They're great for 1-2 cups of coffee, eliminating the wastage factor, and you’ll be happy to know that It packs down like a dream; being able to size down to a 1 inch high, 5 ½ inch diameter disc.

You’ve Heard of the AeroPress, Haven’t You?

When you're backpacking or traveling long distances, getting a good strong cup of coffee via an Aeropress is always an easy-to-execute idea. This brewer may be a bit bigger than the first two, but it does an excellent job of giving you a quality brew wherever, whenever you need it. It’s a complete system made of durable plastic parts, so even if it is a bit bulkier, it still packs well.

It looks and works like a big syringe-get your filtered grounds into one chamber, pour in your hot water, let steep for about ten seconds, stir, and plunge! The entire process takes a short and sweet two minutes and yields a rich, flavorful brew that coffee enthusiasts can't help but rave about.

The Aeropress is made by Aerobie, the same company who came up with the Frisbee-so you know this coffee brewer will make your long trip fun and caffeinated.

Try a High-Tech Espresso-Making Gadget

A shot of espresso is worth enjoying anytime, any day, more so if you're driving or traveling for hours or have to stay in a chilly tent when camping out. You can get your concentrated mix while on the go by using the Handpresso Wild Hybrid, which can be described as a handheld espresso maker. Simply pump and get it up to 16 bars, fill the portafilter with grounds and reservoir with water.

Press the infusion button, and you start the brewing process-and voilà, you get a flavorful shot of espresso minus the heavy machinery.

The Stovetop Espresso Maker-Only Smaller

If you’re planning to do some serious camping, or will have a few overnight stops along the way, a stove-top coffee brewer is another great option you may consider.

We love the GSI Mini Espresso Maker, a stove-top machine that is available in one-cup and four-cup versions. The option for a bigger capacity brewer makes it best for those traveling with other coffee lovers. It can brew in as little as 90 seconds.

The Mini Espresso Maker is made up of aluminum parts, and brewing is as easy as filling the safety valve with water, the filter funnel with ground coffee, placing it on low heat, and getting your cup ready for the steamy brew.

Don’t Forget Your Portable Grinder

Freshly ground roasted beans are a must in achieving that delicious cup of coffee, so make sure to have one with you when you're on the go. When it comes to grinding your coffee on the go, a great quality small manual hand grinder will make achieving a consistent grind an easy task.

The Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder is a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts for its portability, easy-to-use structure, affordability, durable parts, and consistent grounds. It's best used with the Aeropress, as the Hario's shape is a perfect fit with the Aeropress' mouth.

Be truly ready to go by having one of these portable coffee makers and your favorite coffee grounds, and portable grinder safely tucked into your overnight bag.

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