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How I Make 40K a Year Might not be What You Think

As every stay at home mom knows, grown up time is important for recharging the battery. But, it is can also be expensive. There was a point when my husband and I were unable to attend events for well over a year. We just did not have any extra money after diapers, toys. and food. Needless to say, it was a trying time in our relationship. We just were no longer connecting as a couple.

Luckily, I found a solution to my financial problem and if you are open-minded enough, you can too.

I Make Money Sexting

Say What?!


Don’t judge. Women all over the country are making money this way and why shouldn’t they (we)?

It’s an easy freelance business that you can keep up with in your free time.

Side note: According to an article inStatistic Brain, over 59% of young women have tried it. This number is even higher for men.

Let’s face it, it’s trendy.

It is completely non-committal and can offer a bit of an ego boost. What human doesn’t want that? Did you know that sugar baby websites are the most popular dating sites on the Internet? Which almost proves that women still need men to take care of them. They always have and they always will. It is human nature. The trick here is learning how to profit from it.

My entry into the industry began one day when a friend of mine and I were having a friendly discussion. We were talking about how unsexy moms can feel after a long day at the circus. My friend’s quirky nickname for her house. She explained how she and her husband sent text messages to tease one another throughout the day. “By the time I get home, I cannot wait to be intimate,” she claimed. I must admit, I was curious.

Moms rarely get a chance to date or feel sexy for that matter. Sexting provides them with a great alternative and icing on the cake if you get paid to do it.

I decided to look up more information on the subject. What I found was that hundreds of people (college students, single parents) were making extra money doing it.


Now, I am not a brilliant business mind like Donald Trump, but I sure do know a good home business start up when I see one.

An established client base, flexible working hours and the freedom of choice. How could anyone resist the temptation?

When reality sets in.

Cindy tells me more about her first day on the job.

I woke up at 10AM and was feeling in the mood, so I logged on. Within the first few minutes, I had a hundred different requests from different clients. That was quite the eye-opener. I did not realize there were so many lonely people in the world. As the day went on, I felt more at ease. To be honest, I spent most of my time helping people solve problems.

Each chat was completely different and I never got bored. It was more like fun to me. I love my job.

Every job has perks she explains in great detail.

After spending all day chatting with customers you might think it would spoil my sex drive. It didn’t. In fact, it enhanced it. I made money, and I was happy to be contributing a little of my own money into my relationship. My boyfriend was less stressed and I was ready to be with him when he came home. He did not mind when I talked to him about some of my exploits from earlier in the day. In fact, he loved it. A win-win. My new job made our intimate encounters so much better. He was so surprised that I could be so wild. So was I, to be honest.

I log in during my free time when I want to chat with customers and I am my own boss. In this place, I make the rules. It makes me feel empowered and as any women can attest to, this is not always possible. Also, I am able to splurge on things for myself and my boyfriend. What’s not to love?

It all comes down to this.

When I asked Cindy if her boyfriend ever gets jealous or regrets her decision to do this she replied, “Hell No!” The smug smile on her face tells me he is one happy man.

Cindy’s story fascinated me enough to start my own business writing about controversial and “taboo” subjects.

What did you think, I was the one sexting? No, I am not that comfortable with my own body. I am just a freelance writer who knows a good story when I see one.

Two years has passed since I started my writing business. I have made a little over $40k writing about interesting and controversial topics.

It is not the money, the flexibility or the people that I meet that is the best part of the job. It is the fact that I am more comfortable with myself as a writer and I feel good contributing to the family income. My family is benefitting and my husband and I can do more things as a couple. Isn’t securing your families future what every good parent does?

If for nothing else, I hope that I can change people’s minds to be less judgemental of others. We all do what is necessary to provide for ourselves and our families.

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