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How Flowers can Help with Your Well Being

There’s a reason why flower delivery businesses are the busiest during Valentine’s day and it’s no coincidence that “florist bouquet” is one of the most-searched words in the day of love. Flowers, and not only on St. Valentine’s day, can do wonders to one’s well being. And while their aesthetic value and their aromatic effects can have a significant impact on a person’s mood, there’s actually some science behind it.

Here’s how flowers can help you, or your loved ones, improve your overall well being.

1. Reduced Stress Levels

Studies have shown how people who spend cultivating flowering plants have lower instances of showing signs and symptoms of stress. Cultivating and propagating flowering plants provide individuals with a means to channel anxiety and frustration into a beautiful hobby that gives them comfort, joy, and (when the time for the flowers to bloom comes) a sense of fulfillment. That said, researchers see gardening as an effective coping mechanism for one’s daily frustrations giving an individual cope with negative feelings.

If you’re experiencing mental fatigue, visiting your local florist online or in store to pick up seasonal blooms can help you battle stress and anxiety. Moreover, picking up ones you can cultivate will not only improve your disposition for the time being, but will keep you company when the days get a little more cloudy. Some flowers even have mood-boosting endorphins which is where the term “stop and smell the roses” come from.

2. Promotes Healing

Flowers are also linked to the increased levels of healing and recovery. Some flowers offer a soothing effect that can help accelerate recovery and recuperation. That’s why patients are encouraged to spend time around flowering plants and other daily blooms to help speed up one’s healing process. Think of lavenders and jasmines, their relaxing fragrances can help promote rest, relaxation, and even deep sleep which helps one get well faster. That’s why they’re often turned into essential oils and teas to help one calm and soothe themselves.

Researchers have seen the beneficial effects of flowers to patients, that’s why most hospitals have rooms with windows facing parks. We, humans, feel more comfortable in places where there’s a sense of life. The sight of flowers, and plants in general, can help patients feel grounded by the presence of natural life and can significantly impact one’s recovery.

3. Increases Productivity and Creativity.

Another benefit you get from flowers is its ability to inspire. That’s why offices that house teams of creatives often have flowers or some kind of ornamental plant in them. The different colours and shapes one sees in different flowers can harness inspiration and creativity. Flowers that come in hues of orange, yellow, and red, can help stimulate the brain and therefore affect creativity. The natural geometry and architecture of flowers do more than just add life to the hallowed halls of offices but can spark unique ideas. Flowers that have sharp and pointed dimensions have been believed to improve one’s energy. Companies typically hire professional florists to set plant and flower arrangements that can have a positive impact on the workplace and the business in general.

Whether it’s to finish a certain task, design and develop a new product or maybe start a new business, surrounding yourself with flowers or taking short walks in the park can help boost productivity and creativity.

4. A Genuine Smile.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the genuine happiness flowers give to everyone. Most people can appreciate flowers, at least to some degree. Even most men will say that flowers are okay. Flowers can trigger the release of certain compounds in our system that can make us feel happy. As we’ve covered above, flowers can bring us closer to nature and can stimulate healing, creativity, and even reduce levels of stress. However, one of the main reasons why flowers give instantaneous glee is because it can make someone feel special.

Flowers aren’t just something you pick from a servo. You’d have to get them from a flower shop and have it arranged. You’d have to put in extra effort to give someone the right kind of flowers for the right kind of occasion.

Finding the right company to help you with the best flower arrangements whether it’s for your special event, a gift, or if it’s for your personal well being really matters.

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